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Recycling Belts

Q. I have a collection of men, women’s, belts and every color in the rainbow. Do you know of a craft which can be done with these? I do have a clothes closet where upon all my clothing, shoes, and miscellaneous items are total free. But I am unable to get rid of these.  Thank you A. What about weaving them into something like a placemat.  If you’ve got enough to do several, this would be quite a conversation starter. –Valerie A. I have seen a craft show where they have woven the belts for a chair seat. They weave the top and then wrap them around the outer rungs and buckle them under the chair seat. You could do this for a foot stool also. I have also seen them do the same thing with ties except they would tie them underneath and then let the ends of the ties hang under the seat. –Sue A. The NEATEST idea I ever saw using a variety of belts was: taking a chair (older, wooden) with the seat broken out and a belt was put over the seat and fastened with the buckle underneath, 2nd belt next to the 1st, hooked in the same manner, and so on. Then woven in the opposite direction to make a solid and very attractive seat. Thanks for your newsletter –Pam A. I’ve seen chairs redone with seats made of old belts.  They are basket weaved and arranged for a colorful, eye-pleasing design.  Of course, buckles go on the bottom for comfortable sitting!  Just a thought if the reader has an old chair to recycle, too! –Ms. Cheapskate A. If they are good and strong, you can weave a stool or chair seat with them, and they will last absolutely forever.  MAK A. I have a suggestion for the reader with all the extra belts.  I used to use mine to hold barrettes and other kinds of hairs clips.  Hang the belt from a hook and attach the hair accessories right to it.  This is especially useful if you have a little girl with long hair – she’ll be able to locate exactly the barrette she’s looking for! –Kathy

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