Finding Brassiere Underwires

Q. This will sound like an odd question but here it is: Is there someplace (or somehow) to get replacement under wires for brassieres? I am forced to wear under wire bras for necessary support but the under wires tend to break long before the rest of the bra (fabric, shoulder straps, etc.) wears out. I hate to discard an almost perfect (and rather expensive) piece of clothing and have tried unsuccessfully to locate and purchase replacement under wires to repair the bras with. If you or your readers have any suggestions they would certainly be appreciated! Keep up the great work with your newsletter. I love it and it has saved me quite a bit of money.

Editor’s Note Regarding Safety Issues:  According to the American Cancer Society (ACS )webpage, safety concerns have not been confirmed, and the ACS does not say that women should not use underwires. See link for more specifics on the American Cancer Society findings.

A.  I have seen them at fabric stores. 

A.  I’ve made bras, so I suspect I’m probably close to an expert on these….If you just need one or two, check out your local fabric store, such as Hancocks.  They are usually somewhere near the notions (by the shoulder pads). Another option is to try Goodwill or Salvation Army for an old bra you can scrounge the underwires out of. If you don’t mind mail order or want a bunch, try this link: The company has a good reputation, although I’ve not ordered from them. Valerie

A.  I too have the same problem with the underwires. And since I haven’t been able to find the underwires, what I do is donate the bras.  Believe it or not, the charities in my area receive very little in the way of female undergarments. Just a thought. Bobbie

A.  Need to check out a place called Bra Makers Supply.  They appear to have a gazillion sizes of underwires as well as other parts for bras.  This is a Canadian company but my experience showed me it’s not difficult at all to buy from Canada as long as you use a major credit card.  Gerry

A.  I rummaged around on the internet and this is about the only hopeful site I found.  Addresses for lingerie supplies in general: Banasch’s –   "Supplies & equipment for the apparel, tailoring and dry cleaning trade."  They carry items from buttons, to threads and flosses, to model forms, to display racks.  Toll Free Nationwide:1-800-543-0355 – Catalogue: free – Hours: M-F 8:30-5:00 (EST)  Mary

A.  If I were in that situation I would shop the thrift shops and fine a bra that is not worn out and buy it. I would then take the underwire out and insert it in my own bra. Hope you find this helpful.  Clara