How To Remove Acrylic Paint

Q.   Late last winter I purchased a Columbia jacket for my daughter.  She had it less than 2 weeks when she got oil or acrylic artist paint on the sleeve.  Does anyone know how I can get this out?  Thanks.  Faye A.


To remove paint – they have the store alternative first – THEN the home remedy.  I opted for the home remedy.  2Tablespoons AMMONIA, 2Tablespoons WHITE VINEGAR, 1Tablespoon SALT. As there was a LOT of paint on the leg of her pants I had to make much more solution.  The site says to soak overnight.  As some spots were VERY thick I used a brush and worked at it for a while (1/2 hour plus).  About 80% of the paint came off – I was amazed. THEN I soaked overnight – in the bathroom sink. With a sink of water and approximately double the amounts listed above added to the water. In the morning – there was absolutely no trace of the paint.  Worth a try.  W.

My boyfriend is a painter and he swears by Goo Off. It is a highly toxic substance, but it gets the job  done. It is used to get paint off pavement so be very careful with it. If you go to a local professional paint store (not craft store), they can help you with the products. You can always dye the jacket a cool color that hides the paint.  Shannon


You really must determine which type of paint is on the coat first. Oil and acrylic are very different, also need to know the type of fabric. Any advice without these two bits of info could end up with further damage to the coat, and still no removal of paint.  Michael

At a restaurant supply (and perhaps other places) you can buy "Vandalism or Graffiti Remover".  I’ve used it to remove oil based paints from fabric.  Best to have the paint spill laid on an old white cloth and as the paint releases dab it up with paper towels to keep it from spreading  E.J.

I have taken painting classes in the past.  To remove paint, we used rubbing alcohol or vodka.  Acrylic paint, of course, is different from oil-based paint so I am not sure which was the problem.  If I can get further information, I can ask my painting instructor.  vr/Geraldine

First of all, it is really important to know the difference between oil or acrylic. This is because they have different bases. If it is oil, try a paint thinner or mineral oil. Soap and water should do the trick for acrylic depending on the type of fabric.  Farrah