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The Frugal Life โ€“ Specialty Wrench

Need A Specialty Wrench?

Don’t have the specialty wrench you need? No problem, you can still tighten or remove a specialty (Allen-head, Star or Square) head screw; just try different sizes of plain screwdrivers until you find one that will turn the screwhead. You will need to wedge the standard screwdriver in the recessed openings of the screw heads. Or, if the screw is protruding above the work surface you can remove it using 1 of 2 methods: 1. Grip the head of the screw with a pair of locking-grip pliers to loosen. 2. Use a hacksaw to cut a slot in the top; then use a standard screwdriver to tighten or remove it. Please note: please try these methods in order, gripping the head after a slot has been cut may weaken the head causing it to crumble. Randal

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