Bath Tub Ring

Q.  Ring Around The Tub ~After several weeks of letting the shampoo bottle rest on the bath tub ledge, it has left a ring stain that I can’t seem to remove. I tried vinegar but it didn’t help. Any suggestions please? Terrance E.

For stubborn water mineral deposit stains, I use a flexible black mesh made by 3M you can pick up at any hardware store. An 8"x10" sheet was $2.29. I cut it into 1" or 1-1/2" square pieces. Rub it over the stain and it should come off. I use the mesh primarily in the toilet for that ‘water line’ stain. Pumice scratches the enamel and exposes the porous material underneath, which stains even faster. This 3M mesh does not scratch. Works like a charm!  Joseph

Try using Bar Keeper’s Friend. It is awesome for getting out difficult stains. Of course, check to make sure it is safe for the type of tub you have (which it should be). Trisha

I use lemon juice for cleaning those rust rings out of my tub. Pour the juice on it, let it set of a few minutes, apply some elbow grease and viola!  It also makes the bathroom smell better! I do recommend fresh juice from the lemon because I don’t trust the fake stuff on the shelves. Theresa


I suggest they go to K-mart and buy a bottle of "The Works" this cost about $2.35 for a real nice cleaner and it takes everything and anything off of bath tubs and showers. You do not use much and this lasts me for about six months, to clean two bathrooms. Linda