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Getting Cigarette Smoke Smell Out Of The Car

Getting Cigarette Smoke Smell Out Of The Car

Q. We recently purchased a used vehicle.  The vehicle smells strongly of cigarette smoke.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of this odor?

A. Try Fabreze or a like spray

A. Ex-smoker and Ex-hair stylist…there are several citrus products out there that are made to neutralize odors rather than cover them up. I used one at the Salon when Perm solution stunk up the room. – BB

A. There is a substance called “sweet rock”. I have seen it sold at large gas station/convenient stores and truck stops while traveling. I do not know the more scientific name for this substance, but it will remove any odor any place any time. It is a very porous material that soaks up every smell around. It works even if flat, but it is often sold carved into animals and such and ready to hang on your car mirror. Judy


A. Hi, This is in response to the readers who have odors they cannot get rid of in their car (smoke) and home (motel madness!)  Leave a dish of citrus peels in the car and wherever the odor is in the home.  I had a "vomit on a very hot summer day" smell in my car and it went away in a few days with the citrus peel.  The trick is to leave it until it dries out. Hope this helps! – Monica

A. This is a suggestion for the above question regarding cigarette smoke in the car. Use some coffee (not already perked) and put it inside a sock. Tie the end of the sock. Then, just put it in the car, maybe under the car seat and it will take the odor out. It works really well at getting rid of lingering odors anywhere, not just the car. – Robin.

A. This will also work for the cigarette odor in the car. Place a bowl of white vinegar in the car and leave over night and the next day the smell should be gone. This worked for a friend who had some meat fall out of her grocery bag in the trunk of her car in the summer in Florida and found it a few days later by following her nose. She could still smell it even after having the car professionally cleaned. At her wits end she tried the vinegar and it worked.

A. Years ago my mother in law bought a used car that had been used by some kind of Dr. The inside had a medicinal odor. They suggested she put a fresh l/2 can of coffee on the floor in back seat and start it on fire. The burning coffee grounds took the smell out pretty good. This might work for the cigarette odor in car and also for the lady with the smelly house. Not guaranteed but worth a try. – Ruth

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