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Sensitive Facial Skin

Sensitive Facial Skin

Q.   I have very sensitive facial skin and I need to find a natural way to cleanse my face, and get rid of skin blemishes and pimples. Can anyone help me in finding something that really works?

The Natria Skin Care line is designed for sensitive skin

Honey Cleansing Scrub – Mix 1 tablespoon honey with 2 tablespoons finely ground almonds and 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice. Rub gently onto face. Rinse off with warm water.

I use instant dry milk on my face.  I add a little water to dissolve and then let the mixture dry on my face like a mask.  After the mixture has dried enough I rinse it off with tepid water.  Feels great and my skin looks fresh. Lorraine


Use a mild facial soap to wash your face. Ivory works quite well. I use Black Ointment to get rid of occasional acne. It works great to get rid of redness overnight. It has a strange odor so I would not recommend using it during the day.

I found that using Dove beauty bar is the best thing for sensitive and acne prone skin, and its not outrageously priced. It was recommended to me by a dermatologist and I have been using it for years. I truly love this product!

I have found nothing works as well as cheap, glycerin soap…it cleans without drying and can usually be found at dollar stores…only thing with glycerin soap is it melts easily if it lies in water…so put it in a draining soap dish…when I was a teen with lots of oily skin and blemishes, I used witchhazel to remove oil and debris from my skin…it is still very cheap…hope this helps!

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