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Reforming Crystal Deodorant Pieces

Reforming Crystal Deodorant Pieces

Q. I use salt crystals in a rock or roll up form for my deodorant (works better than the other stuff for me!). I have a jar full of broken crystal pieces from when I dropped the rock on the floor or the roll up fell out of the container. Any suggestions for how to "melt" it down and reform those pieces into one or two solid pieces. I know they’ll melt in water, but what about the shaping & drying?

A. Try dissolving your broken pieces in the least possible amount of water.  Line a small box or can with aluminum foil and then with plastic wrap – leave a generous overhang of both. Pour the dissolved crystals with liquid into your container and leave to dry. This may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on size, moisture content, humidity, warmth, etc. The bigger/thicker piece you are making the longer it will take to dry out completely. When you are sure it is completely dry, use the foil and plastic wrap to pull it out of the mold and then peel off the foil and plastic wrap. You might also use a small candle mold like a tiny pillar, but line with plastic wrap. Mary

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