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Fingernail Polish On Clothing

Fingernail Polish On Clothing

Q.     I painted my daughters fingernails the other day and before they were dry she tried to straighten up her dress. Now there is pink nail polish all over the back of her beige colored dress. I think if I use polish remover, it will take the color out of the dress. I hate for it to be a loss; it was a gift and she has only worn it once. Please help! K.P.

I too had a daughter who got nail polish on a dress. Although it was not beige it still was necessary to get it out as it was a good dress.  This is what I did… Take paper towelling and place behind the fabric where the stain is.  Next take a cotton ball or paper towelling with nail polish remover and BLOT the polish out. This works really well. Launder the item as  usual. Hope this helps.  Monica R.

Same thing happened to me. I used Shaklee Basic H. Soaked it in that with water and it will take it out. My husband washed a pink slack outfit I borrowed from a friend with something blue and it turned lilac. But I soaked it in the Shaklee Basic H and it came out looking like brand new. Amazing, but it works. Myra

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