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No Fleas โ€“ No Fuss

No Fleas – No Fuss

Some people with indoor/outdoor pets are noticing they don’t have flea problems when they use a homemade carpet freshener with essential oils. We’re becoming more aware of the hazards of chemicals, so many people are turning to essential oils instead. What a delightful natural alternative to toxic chemicals.

You can choose your own aroma, but Lavender is known to repel bugs. To make your own, begin with a box of borax (from the detergent section of the store). Mix two cups of borax with 25 drops of a pure essential oil. Make sure you crush the drops and distribute evenly. Use some kind of a shaker bottle to apply to the carpets, let sit for at least an hour and then vacuum.

Find out the people benefits of Lavender Oil.

You may have seen flea products to be applied directly to an animal that contain orange oil. These are toxic to animals when applied to their skin, so be careful with essential oils. They are very potent and condensed if you have a pure source.


Go natural and have fun with it! There are essential oil kits available if you’d like to try various essential oil recipes for you home

Homemade Doggie Flea and Mosquito Collar – A flea collar can be made by rubbing a few drops of one of the following into an ordinary webbing or rope collar or even a doggy bandana: Eucalyptus Essential Oil , Tea Tree Essential Oil , Lavender Essential Oil or Geranium Essential Oil . Don’t forget to refresh weekly. This collar and the herbal Heartworm Prevention Program will give you a safer option for your dog to avoid heartworms. .

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