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The Frugal Life โ€“ Frugal Vacation Suggestions

Frugal Vacations

Saving Dimes While on Vacation

Here are some saving dimes tips that allow you to enjoy your vacation without spending an abundant amount of money.

Plan Ahead – Plan your vacation in advance. Know how much you can afford and how much you are willing to spend. Then you can plan when and where to go and what to do once you’re there.

Don’t Buy Expensive Travel Guides – Do research on the web; you’ll be saving dimes opposed to spending money on travel guides and maps that you may only use once.


Cash Withdrawals – For your vacation try to take out money before you leave on vacation or in large amounts once you reach your destination so you will be saving dimes on withdrawal fees if you aren’t using your bank ATM.

Avoid Traveling During Hot Seasons – If you want to go somewhere warm, go during their off-season, and avoid the weekends. For example, Florida is warm almost all year round but its peak season is the summer when kids are out of school, so wait for your children’s Christmas break or yours, where the temperature will be cooler but you wont be fighting the crowds at theme parks and attractions.

Stay Flexible – When planning your vacation try to stay flexible on dates and times. Request that you would like the cheapest offer and that you are open to suggestions such as other dates if the price is cheaper. You can also take advantage of promotions and off season tickets.

Telephone Numbers – Before leaving for your vacation, get any telephone numbers that you might need or want to call so you don’t have to call information which can add up or use your hotels room phone if staying at one, which is bound to charge if calling long distance.

Don’t Buy Souvenirs – Don’t waste money on a shot glass or picture frame that you’ll never end up using. Take something back like sand from the beach, if staying at a beach destination, or fresh seafood that you’ll savor. That way once you get back home, you’ll remember what you liked about the place.

Saving Dimes on Souvenir Shopping – If you need a souvenir then cut the costs by looking at sales, shopping in the right place, bargain, and acquire used or discontinued merchandise.

Check for Accommodations Outside The City – If you are planning a vacation in the city, then you’ll probably want to get a hotel. Make sure you look for one where kids stay free and where guestrooms are equipped with a fridge and/or a microwave. A suite where the rooms have a small kitchen might be accommodating as well depending on the length of your stay and the number of guests. You then will be able to pick up food and store it, opposed to spending more at restaurants.

Cut the Cost of Lodging – Make daytrips so you can stay at home, or go camping, search for cabin rentals, coupons and other promotions, as well as off-season visits, which are all sure ways to be saving dimes.

Exchange Homes – Another way to save money on vacation while traveling is to do a house exchange. If your house is in an attractive area, contact house exchange associations to see if anyone is interested in doing an exchange.

Campus Accommodation – Call up the local university you are around and ask if they rent out rooms during the time of your vacation.

Avoid Tourist Areas – When you hear or see the word tourist you should always associate it with raised prices so choose somewhere near there or take an adventure and go somewhere new which may turn into something you enjoy more than expected.

Ask About Special Rates – When making reservations ask for specials and best rates. Don’t assume the first price they tell you is the best one. If you are staying at a national chain like the Marriot Hotel call the property you’ll be staying at because rates might be less than if it were in a major city or popular area.

Take Entertainment – Take games so you have something to entertain yourself with or your children, so you won’t have to spend money on new things or activities while traveling. Or be creative and come up with games for the car like searching for license plates from all 50 states, which is a great way to be saving dimes.

Snack Foods – Stock up on snack foods so you don’t have to pay more at convenience stores or be tempted to buy more snacks if you run out.

Avoid Food Outlets – Always take a snack with you to the airport. The airport food outlets are overpriced immensely. If you like to read on the plane, bring a book or buy magazines before arriving so you aren’t tempted to buy more when browsing through the airport stores.

Eating Out – While on vacation try to make it to the early bird dinner where the prices are reduced or eat the specials, which usually are a full course meal as well as the fixed menu items so you aren’t paying for additional side items.

Take a Picnic – If you are camping or doing some sightseeing on your vacation pack a lunch opposed to waiting in line at restaurants or paying for overpriced items.

Bring a Cooler – If you are taking a road trip, bring a cooler in the car with drinks and snacks so you don’t have to stop and pay extra at convenience stores.

Bring Your Own Coffee – Take your own beverages. This way you know you will enjoy it and will pay less for it at your local food store than you would on a trip.

Cheap Travel Options
Looking for a cheap way to get around, check out these options that could help cut costs.

Car rental – If you need to rent a car for your vacation, see what offers are available online before you go to any car rental shops. Usually online deals are cheaper.

Air miles – Use your credit card when you can to pay for your vacations. That way you can pay off the balance afterwards but gain air miles that will help in saving dimes for your next vacation.

Check Different Flight Rates – If you’re flying, don’t settle on one travel line’s fares. Check multiple online travel agents for the best rates. When researching plan ticket sales, change the date from a Saturday to Sunday, or a Sunday to a Tuesday. You should see differences that may save you money if you are willing to be flexible.

You’ll be saving dimes on your next vacation and be able to put it into a savings account for your next vacation or pay in advance on bills and any other debt you might have.

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