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Fabulous Time Saving Garden Decor Ideas

Fabulous Time Saving Garden Decor Ideas

By J. Bennett

I remember in my younger years (when I had more time to devote to the care of the yard), it was easy to "keep up with the up-keep." That’s merely a distant memory now – an elusive dream it seems. With more responsibilities that get top billing, there is little time to devote to gardening and basic yard maintenance.

So how can you keep things looking great around your little castle without the stress and time? It’s easy – read on ……

I’ve found that more people than not over plant their property. Whether it is in the flower garden or part of their foundation-planting scheme. A few years go by and they find themselves “overgrown” and having to dig out the chain saw and shovel to get a handle on things. This makes for much more work than what it’s worth, plus it looks awful! When you’re out driving around the neighborhood, take a look at people’s homes. You’ll see exactly what I mean. There are several places in my town that at this point would need a bulldozer – it’s crazy! I often wondered what in heaven’s name they were thinking.


It’s best to place your "chosen ones" carefully. Take the time to really think about what it is you want. Color, style, what’s appropriate for the particular location, etc., and stick to a minimum! The result – less care, better appearance and curb appeal, and more time for you to enjoy or direct your energies elsewhere.

Remember, keep your plantings down to a relatively small number, and let them work their wonder in the area of simplicity, style and design. More is not always better! Using this plan, all that is needed is a couple of possible haircuts for your evergreens, and a scant amount of time weeding–use mulch, and you will cut that time even more, plus it looks terrific. NICE – NEAT – SIMPLE

To make a really carefree but pleasurable yard is the use of items that don’t require any care at all! Things such as garden statuary, fountains and yard art can be very pleasing. Birdhouses and feeders are a good way to bring a little "life" to the yard. These things add a lot of class and style, and if a little color is desired you can always add some flowers nearby. Do not over-do with your planting!

Try to keep in mind – clean cut and well manicured – simplicity – that’s the objective!  Otherwise you’ll be slave and not master to your own yard.

Joanne Bennett

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