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Removing Grease Stains

Removing Grease Stains

Q. How do you get grease stains from a barbecue off the cement on a patio?  Ray

Sprinkle liberally with kitty litter.  Make sure it’s clay-based and not one of the newer chemical ones.  The clay will soak that grease right up and you just sweep it away.  The longer the grease has been on there, the longer you have to leave the kitty litter on.  MAK

We have had very good success at getting oil stains (from our car) off cement with laundry detergent. We use the Windfresh in the 40 lb.  buckets from Sam’s Club. Dump some of the powdered detergent (dry, you don’t need to add water) on the spot and if you have a stiff broom then rub it it. If you see the grease/oil seeping up into the detergent then sweep it up and repeat.

I don’t know if it will work on a patio but I use Lestoil to take grease stains out of clothing and off my vinyl flooring and it works wonderful.  Lestoil is sometimes difficult to find but I have found it in the grocery store with the floor cleaning items.


Pour undiluted Greased Lightning on the greased area. Let set for a few minutes then scrub with a brush. Use water hose to wash out the grease and clean the concrete.  David

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