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Honey For Your Skin

Sweet Water Bliss!

by Elizabeth Cole

If you were to make honey part of your personal care routine, you would be in good company. Women throughout history, including Cleopatra and Queen Anne of England, have used it to pamper and take care of themselves.

Today we know that honey removes dirt, is antibacterial, soothing and smoothing, and regulates skin moisture. It is also protective and nutritive for all skin types, but especially for blemished, dry and sensitive skin. The following ideas are wonderful for children as well as adults.

Honey Oil Bath
Combine one cup of honey with a quarter cup of olive, jojoba or grapeseed oil. Pour into bath under running water.


Milk and Honey Bath
Dissolve a half cup of honey in one quart of very warm water. Gradually stir in one cup of dried milk powder, stirring until powder is completely dissolved. Add to bath water.

Honey Soda Bath
Follow directions for Milk and Honey Bath, but add one cup of baking soda with the dried milk powder. For very dry and/or irritated skin.

Flu Bath
Combine a half cup of Epson salts with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Add a quarter cup of honey, combine well, and then add fifteen to twenty drops of essential eucalyptus oil. Add to very warm bath, soak in it for at least half an hour.

Excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Honey " by Elizabeth Cole

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