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Ink On Expensive Suit

Ink On Expensive Suit

Q. Please help me!! I have a very expensive suit (Jones New York) light color – sort of manila envelope shade that somehow has ink stains on one of the sleeves. I have tried everything under the sun, including the manufacturer suggestions but nothing has worked. If any of your readers may have some ideas as to how to get rid of these stains, I would really appreciate it. The dry cleaners won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. HELP!  –Patricia

I had a similar problem and then found a product called gonzo at the supermarket.  I had never heard of it, but decided that I would try it.  It comes in a small white bottle (maybe 4 oz.) with red lettering and costs around $1.89 (that’s what it was in NH!).  I was amazed.  My pants looked great when I was done.  There is some risk with anything you try, but I figured I couldn’t loose since my pants were ruined anyway!  I also found this to be a great stain remover for coffee and tea.  Good Luck.    Marijo from NH

I would suggest to the lady to try putting hair spray on her ink stain let it sit and try again then proceed with washing.  I have also applied laundry detergent through out the day let it dry then reapply wash then reapplied it again and it came out too.  Of course this is if it was not dried in a dryer yet!!

Guaranteed to remove ink stains IF you haven’t done too much else to them.  Spray them well with an AEROSOL hair spray.  Saturate the stain.  Let it set a few seconds, then blot blot blot with a damp cloth.  The stain should come out, then you can have the suit cleaned as usual to remove the water stain.  This may take more than one spraying with the hair spray and blotting, but they will come out. This works for lipstick stains as well.  Lauryi


I used to work in Reno and got black India ink on a brand new white blouse I was sick blouse was expensive($50.00) I used canned cream (carnation or pet) and used the back of a spoon to rub this into the stain and work it out. Repeat until gone wash as usual. It takes time but it does work.   Barbara

Many years ago I worked for Kleinfelds Bridal store (one of the most distinguished gown stores in the US) and we learned that if you got ink on the gown your get pump hairspray and gauze and it takes it right off.  Try it, it can’t hurt and may help depending how long that stain is there.

OXICLEAN – I have found this worked on things the cleaners gave up on.  It worked a miracle for me on a wonderful white suit that was washable.

Patricia, it may be too late for this suit but I have a suggestion that has saved many of my husband’s shirts and you’ve got nothing to lose at this point.  As soon as I notice the ink, I soak the spot in milk.  Sometimes it takes overnight so be patient and rub the stains every now and then.  The fat content of the milk doesn’t make a difference and I’ve even used re-consituted powdered milk.  Good luck.  Debbie

Try Simple Green on these ink spots. I was able to remove ink stains from a Pilot Rolling Ball pen from a light-blue colored expensive suit jacket.   I used concentrated Simple Green and a clean, smooth,  thin cotton rag (men’s cotton undershirts). Erda

Depending on the type of ink, these two suggestions may work:  There’s a product called Wink.  You can find it at most grocery stores.  It’s a small pink and white tube and the product is specifically designed to remove ink.  If that doesn’t work, you can go onto the web and find a product called Soilove.  It is available in grocery stores on the west coast but only by mail otherwise.  You will have to work the ink out slowly over several soakings, but I have seen this stuff take out even old, dried set-in stains. –Kamia

Ink can be gotten out of fabric by soaking in milk. I do not know if it will work on your garment due to you already trying everything under the sun.  It is worth a try though.  You are right, a cleaners will not guarantee getting out ink spots. –Good Luck

Have you tried spraying on Hair spray make sure you have a cloth on the back side so that it doesn’t bleed thru. then rub on it to remove the ink.

I have found a wonderful product in my area that gets out just about any and EVERY stain in our house (and with a new litter of puppies, you can imagine how many stains might occur).  It is called OXICLEAN.  You can find it at Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club and even on TV!!  The big tub on TV is $19 which sounds a little pricey til you realized that you only need to mix a little of it (about a tablespoon) in a quart of water for most stains. This stuff got cherry jello out of my off-white carpet after the stain had been there for over a year!!!!!  I also toss a scoop in the wash as a safe (and less expensive) alternative to chlorine bleach.  I know this sounds like a commercial for the stuff, but I LOVE IT!!!!! –Kathy

If they are ballpoint ink spots, try spraying hair spray on them and wash immediently as the ink dissolves.  tonik

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