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The Frugal Life – Mastering Art – Spend Less

Mastering Art, Spend Less

You may want to paint impressive pictures that people will buy and collect, but what if it seems like you cannot produce the kind of art that you wanted? You cannot just blame yourself for not having the talent, or not getting the guidance and support. It’s possible that the problem is the way you were taught on how to do it in art class or the level of exposure you have on art matters.

With the rising prices of commodities and services in this day and age, a struggling painter cannot help but be penny-wise in terms of how he can learn new techniques or improve his craft. Books on painting are not enough, while attending oil painting lessons conducted by the pros can be somewhat pricey. Now, what is left for you to choose if you really prefer acquiring the theories and performing the application in the right manner yet, not spending too much of your money? Or if you do spend a little too much, you get the training you think you deserve?

The most economical method of painting that happens to be environment-friendly is oil painting. Its techniques have been in existence for centuries and are widely popular among a huge number of artists past and present. Instead of buying ready-to-use oil paints that are commercially available in tubes, you can make your own using natural products like paint pigments and linseed oil. There are many online resources that describe in detail various procedures on do-it-yourself oil paint making. Oil paints produce colors that are more vivid and are easier to use. They dry slowly, making the painting easier to edit should there be a change of mind or errors in its appearance. In lieu of or before proceeding with the actual canvas, start honing your skills on white boards found inside a new shirt’s packaging, a cardboard or a thick brown paper bag. You can also create an oil painting brush out of animal hair or your own hair trimmings and a lightweight wooden dowel.

Learning oil painting is made easier and more convenient with oil painting lessons courtesy of instructional videos on DVD format. You can have professional oil painting lessons at home, hence you can save on transportation costs not like when you attend classes in a real art institute. Oil painting DVDs are even cheaper than hiring a one-on-one instructor and the learning pace will be up to you, so there’s no rush in knowing the drill. You can begin with choosing colors and subjects for your first artwork. There will be exercises shown on these DVDs for students to practice the oil painting techniques that they have acquired lesson after lesson. Other essentials to be discovered in the DVD lessons are the additives composition of oil painting, the right types of brushes, samples by the masters, caring for oil painting products and mixing of colors. This way, you can paint like a pro without investing too much of your savings.


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