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The Frugal Life News – 09/26/03


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Published Weekly by Randal Watkins
The Frugal Life
September 26, 2003

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you are doing well as we head into the Fall season. We have had 50 degree weather in the evening time. Hard to believe summer is gone and school has started.

Last issue I mentioned we were having some computer problems with our AOL subscribers. That particular problem has been resolved. However, when Isabelle came through it knocked out our power, DSL and telephone for a period of time. Hope all of you have power by now!

We have a new contribution in the Frugal Decorating Department, how to make a fall wreath. Take a moment to read the directions, I am sure it will be a great addition to your holiday planning.

We appreciate your readership. Thanks again for sharing with others The Frugal Life News.

Until next time,



The BLUE Zone

Lesson 25 in the “Lessons from My Journey to Debt Freedom” course discusses the benefits of purchasing a used car with cash over a new car with financing.

Purchasing a used car with cash saves you 50.4% over the cost of a new car when you factor in depreciation and interest costs.

In 2000, when I wrote Lesson 25, I presented a depreciation table that demonstrated the optimum used-car purchase age – the BLUE zone – to be 6 to 9 years.

This table tells you when to purchase your car, but not which car to purchase. Researching the reliability of your prospective used-car was left to your best efforts.

The latest Consumer Reports’ new Used Car Yearbook, which details 256 models from 1995 to 2002, can help you with your research. It’s available for $5.99 from their website,

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According to Consumer Reports, your best value would be a Japanese car made – interestingly – 7 years ago in 1996.

Of the 18 top used-car bargains highlighted by Consumer Reports, 15 were Japanese and 3 were U.S. models.

Eight of the 18 are 1996 models.

As stated in a Consumer Reports press release, these cars have “proved reliable, performed well in Consumer Reports’ tests when new, and offer excellent value for the money.”

Surprisingly, no German cars made the top 18. The vaunted Mercedes and BMW autos are conspicuously absent.

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Do you need just your basic automobile to get reliably to and from work, run some errands, or send your child off to school with?

1999 Ford Escort — $4,000.

Need a little more economy of operation?

1996 Honda Civic EX or 1999 Mazda Protégé ES $6,000.

Reaching middle age and feeling the need for speed?

1996 Infiniti G20 $5,500

Still hauling the kids around?

1997 Honda Odyssey EX Mini-van $8,500

Kids are gone? Middle-aged crisis over? Ready to not feel every bump in the road? Want to reward yourself with a little luxury for sticking with your Debt Freedom plan?

1996 Toyota Avalon XLS $8,100

Astounding, isn’t it?

Highly recommended, high quality, many good looking, several luxury, vehicles… any of which could be yours CASH… which becomes easier to generate with each debt you pay off.

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Let’s see…

If you did so, you’d probably end up with an equal or better car, one less car note, and more money to pay off debts! Isn’t that a sweet deal?


Payoff All of your Debts in 5-7 Years using the money you

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From Kathleen Wilson


Here’s an easy way to make an inexpensive wreath for your door! You can also use a wreath flat on a table, (fill with candles, don’t allow anything to touch flame!) over a fireplace, or over your bed!

Materials needed:
Grapevine wreath
Silk garland
Dried flowers
Glue Gun
Floral Wire or wire bag closures

Use pieces of wire to secure the leaf garland to the wreath all the way around. If you have excess garland, cut it to fit. It is easier to insert the wire through the wreath near the edges. I use the wire twisties from garbage bags as a low cost alternative to floral wire. Secure it with wire about every 6 inches.

Use a single piece of raffia to tie a bunch in a little twist shape. Then wire the twists to the wreath. I like using three to five bunches and wiring them equal distances apart. You can just use one large bunch if you wish, or many smaller ones, it’s your wreath! I took dried flowers from my garden and simply poked them into the wreath. It doesn’t take much, and if you can’t get them from your garden, you can get them from the craft store quite cheaply.

I added a small birdhouse with a glue gun, and voila! Beautiful wreath for your door for very little money, very little time, and a lot of creativity!

I always encourage you to try your own materials, and discover within yourself a personal style. Trying a simple and quick project can give you the confidence to show yourself and everyone around you that you really can do it with Creativity, Not Cash!

For pictures of the above project, visit here:

Kathleen Wilson is the author of “Quick Decorating
Ideas Under $20: The Budget Decorator’s Bible” and
editor of the free ezine, The Budget Decorator. Find
more free ideas and info on her book and workshops at her site.


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2. Holidays and Special Days Forum
I am having an 18th birthday party for my daughter with family & friends. I’m looking for “coming of age” celebration ideas. Anyone have anything? Thank you.

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I live with 5 cats and i have had a cat hair in my mouth for like 3 days. I
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