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Restoring Non-Stick Cookware

Restoring Non-Stick Cookware

Q    I seem to remember watching a cooking program on a cable channel years ago. the host was introducing a segment about restoring the "non-stick" to non-stick cookware. The phone rang and I missed the rest of the show. I never saw or read anything since about restoring non-stick pans,etc. I’ve always believed it couldn’t be done. True or false and if false how to do it?       

A.   Can tell you what they recommend before it gets to that point, is to every so often, wipe the non-stick surface with cooking oil on a paper towel. There is some stuff that Presto recommended to me for my non-stick skillet that was sticking right above where the coil underneath was located. Unfortunately can’t remember the name, but it is in the cleaning sections in the supermarket in a little green container.

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  1. Can you try to recollect what can be done to restore it. My is scratched exstentualy from using metal utensils in it. I read recently they are harmful to use when the non-stick surface has been penetrated.

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