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Olive Oil for Skin Moisturizer

Q. I use olive oil for a moisturizer on my skin. It does a great job and I get compliments all the time. I would like to use an essential oil in it to keep it from going rancid. Right now I’m using Sandalwood because I like the smell. I’d like to use one that would also benefit my skin. What essential oil will do that? I tend to have dry skin, not oily. Anybody know? Thanks! — Lee There really isn’t anything to add to olive oil to prevent it from going rancid. I’d suggest storing it in the refrigerator between use. You can pour a few drops into a shotglass and allow it to warm to room temperature if you don’t want to use it cold. Just wanted to answer the question of what to put in olive oil for the skin, anywhere from 2 to 6 drops of essential oil of lavender is great for the skin, helps with wrinkles and the fragrance is calming. Good luck. As a certified Aroma therapist and Skin Care Professional, I get these questions all the time.  Lavender is a cure all, for dry skin, for stress relief, for all sorts of things. BUT make sure it’s organic. Synthetic oils can do more harm than good. If lavender doesn’t do it for you, try Jasmine Adding Vitamin E to your olive oil will aid in preventing rancidity by acting as a preservative. Vitamin E is specifically beneficial for the skin, also. It is not itself aromatic, so add essential oils, in addition. Using pure vitamin E from capsules, squeeze the contents (clean hands!) of two 400 IU caps into 4 ounces of olive oil. (Convert proportionately if using different potency capsules.) Vitamin E in oil (bottled) form is normally in a carrier oil so is not 100% vitamin E, hence the reason for using the pure supplement (capsule) form. — Teddy Lavender essential Oil would be good because of its antiseptic properties and Bergamot I believe is used to control dandruff. I could be wrong but most any scented oil/essential oil Internet retailer should be able to give you more info. Do a search for essential oils and you will find a lot. — LCR

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  1. I wouldn’t any oil can become rancid. This article helps with understanding rancidity more –

    Putting it on your skin will also cause it to be absorbed into your bloodstream. You will then be introducing that toxicity to the rest of your body. Thereby, causing your immune system and other systems to have to neutralize the toxicity from the rancid olive oil.

    I noticed this one time I spilled some gasoline on my foot and with minutes my immune system became weaker and I felt like a cold was coming on all because of the toxicity the gasoline put into my bloodstream through my skin.


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