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Restoring Original Paint

Restoring Original Paint

Q. I recently purchased a home that was built during the depression. I am having a difficult time finding information concerning the paint and/or wallpaper colors that were used during that time in history. I would like to restore the home to an original state as possible, so ANY information concerning furniture styles and landscaping would be much appreciated. My home is in South Carolina, if geography is relevant to anyone’s information. Thank you! Connie

You might want to try contacting the local or state historical society .  They can usually direct you to the kinds of colors that were used during the period your house was built. They may also be able to help with the type of furniture that was is use then or at least have pamphlets to let you know where to go.  Pam

You  might find information ideas from They have tons of information in every category. I find it most helpful.  Annette

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