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Painting an Old Grill

Painting an Old Grill

Q. I was given an old gas barbeque grill. It works fine but I would like to repaint it as the black color is mostly gone. How do I do this? I know I have to use heat resistant paint. Thanks. Shelia

1.Lightly sand it with a wire brush to remove the flakes and thoroughly dust if necessary. 2. Spray paint with heat resistant heat resistant ‘metal’ primer. 3, Spray paint with your choice of color heat resistant paint.   Note: Most home centers carry the products you will need in the Barbecue section.   Note: Be certain to allow enough time for ‘drying’ between coats. When spray painting use a sweeping motion to avoid streaks and drips. It’s always better to apply two or three thin coats rather than one thick coat.  I hope this helps.  Bill

You can just buy a can of spray paint specifically for painting grills in the BBQ section at Wal-Mart. I bought a can but I haven’t gotten that far to actually use it yet, to see how well it works.  Jim

We too have an older grill. We bought a can of BBQ grill paint (black) for about $4 at Home Depot. Was an easy and quick spruce up. Carol 


Go to lowes or hom depot or whatever is in your area. They have the Heat resistant black inspray cans. Buy at least two , cleans the grill really well with a grease cutting liquid. let dry well. sand any rusty spots you notice. then spray and let dry . these sprays work really well and there is  no brushes etc to clean up . P buzbee

To repaint your grill, go to your local home improvement store (ex Lowes/ Home Depot) in the paint department high heat resistant paint in a spray can is available.  Pat

I think you can use stove pipe paint, like you would use for the pipes on a wood burning stove – it is heat resistant, and I think will do a nice job.  Comes is brush or spray.  SimoneWe’ve been snow mobilers for years and have to repaint our mufflers every year. We get heat resistant paint at our local snow mobiling store. (We go to a Yamaha dealer) It comes in a spray paint can and must be used in a highly ventilated location. A can should cost you less than $10.00  Wendy

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