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Repainting Appliances

Repainting Appliances

Q.    Do you know if you can paint large appliances such as a refrigerator or range? They’re still in good working condition but don’t match the kitchen decor.

Yes! We did it years ago. Went from Copper to Almond and it worked. We just went to the yellow pages (I don’t remember what category it was under) and let our fingers do the walking. The company came to our house and picked up the refrigerator and left us a loaner.

You can use epoxy paint. I repainted the front panel of a dishwasher and it looked great!  JT

I know I have heard there is a special appliance paint. Perhaps an appliance repair service rep could tell you what and where it is. I’ve know people, too, to have a refrigerator repainted where they paint cars!  Nett


I just saw this on the Discovery channel!   They used a pricey product called ‘ Hammerite ‘  but they also admitted that any durable Rustoleum type paint will work (spray or brush on).   Make sure it is clean.  Take off any trim you can (like refrigerator door handles and hinges).  And paint!   They used a metallic look that was really wonderful!

Buy APPLIANCE PAINT, not cheap but nothing else really works. Follow the directions carefully. It comes in a variety of colors. Check out various sources to compare prices – Large hardware type stores (Home Depot, etc), WalMart and appliance stores. Mary 

I have never tried to paint the kitchen range but have heard that there are heat-tolerant paints that work well. However I have painted the dishwasher and ‘fridge with great success. The procedure was Lightly sand the painted areas until the gloss is gone. Give the appliance 2 thin coats of primer made to adhere to metal.

You can buy paint that is made specifically for appliances. Check your local home store (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) or contact the manufacturer directly. Most of the major manufacturers have websites that you can order paint and accessories from.  Emily


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  1. I live in the Charlotte, NC area, and have not been able to find someone to paint my refrigerator. I had this same refrigerator painted 21 years ago, and IT WON’T DIE. Does anyone know of anyone doing this now?

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