Staying At Home

by Sarah Kennington

The initial reasons for writing this newsletter were somewhat of a mission.  I had something that I really felt I needed to share and if I can help one person stay at home with their child then that mission is accomplished. 

It takes more than people realize to stay home. You give up a lot but the rewards are endless and your children are the beneficiaries of that reward.

It’s up to us to raise them and there is nothing that we will ever do that will be more important.  There is not a dollar that we can earn that would replace the time we spend with our children.


Little did I know that this newsletter would grow to what it has. In a little over a year’s time we now are a group of over 7000 people many of which have the same heart that I do for their children.

Yes, we can use a little less soap, buy our clothes at garage sales, cook our own food, grow our own food but…

The real thing that we are doing is giving to society something that no one else can ever give.  We are giving well raised and happy children which will be well raised and successful adults.

When it’s all said and done I promise each of you that you will not think for a second "Oh I should have spent more time at the office".  Your children will always know that you were there and as they grow into adults they will understand that you sacrificed yourself for them.

God has given you a great blessing in being a parent.  Never take it for granted.  There will always be time to work.

Sarah Kennington
Founder of The Frugal

Note from Current Owners of
We were honored to be chosen by Sarah to continue her mission for families that she describes above.  We also knew the importance of being at home after our child was born.  Donna worked from the home to be able to do that and when it was time for school began home schooling one year at a time.  Never did we think that we would do 10 years or that the home business would grow enough for me to join it so we could work together as a family and I could also be part of the home schooling.  Our son is now grown and we’re dedicated to the websites we maintain for our income because all of them have the emphasis of helping families.  If you’ve not visited our other sites, here’s the links:
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