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Pot Roast

Pot Roast

Basic Pot Roast Recipe: Feed about 6 people depending on the age/size.
3-4 pound roast (inexpensive meat is fine with this method)
any other vegetables you would like to add
seasoning (beef bullion cubes work well)

In the morning put your roast and all vegetables and seasonings in a crock pot.  Turn in on and set the temperature according to your needs.  After dinner do not throw away even the smallest amount.

Keep a container in your freezer.  Add the pot roast that is leftover every time you make it.  When you have enough meat to feed your family simply re-warm it on the stove and add fresh vegetables and you have dinner.

Cut up pot roast, carrots and taters. Add to gravy. Mix well. Can add can of peas or if have peas leftover from roast meal, add as well. Heat well and serve over toast.  I grew up with my grandparents who were very frugal and this was something we ate for every pot roast leftover meal.  Thank you  Susan


When I have pot roast left over…it really isn’t leftover since now I plan it as a meal…Chop meat into small pieces or shred, add barbeque sauce and refrigerate for a day or so and then warm in microwave and you can have barbeque on bun:) Also with leftover mashed potatoes we make potato pancakes…just add an egg, flour, salt, pepper, onion finely chopped ( I use the onion powder), chopped parsley, and then mix. Dollop some into hot oil in frying pan, spread to desired pancake size and brown, flip, brown, and enjoy:)  Lou

We cut up leftover pot roast into cubes and put them in homemade BBQ sauce to heat up and then put them over bread or mashed potatoes. It is different and my kids have loved it for years . Sandy

When I make pot roast I always use an onion soup mix for the base. After everything is gone but the juice I save it and make vegetable soup with it. The flavor is uncompared. Bev

I also save leftover meat in the freezer in a baggie, but when I have enough for a meal I put it in a regular two-crust pie crust with cooked egg noodles, American cheese, 1 package gravy mix, assorted leftover or frozen veggies and presto my own homemade "Pot Pie." I use assorted meat so I may have both beef and pork in the same pie or chicken and turkey. It not only uses leftover meat but anything you might have accumulated through the week. We sometimes have just one serving of corn or even one ear of corn leftover that works great in combination with anything else there is just a little of. You can also make your own crust (which is less expensive) or buy one ready made if your not very good at it.

My mom always made roast beef hash from the leftovers.  She would cut the meat up small (removing the fat), dice potatoes and onions, and cook together in the leftover gravy with water and bouillon added.  It was delicious served over toast!  Becki

We cook pot roast on Sundays too. But the leftover meat, and gravy are put aside. If there are mashed potatoes for lunch, double the amount you’re making. Add a can of drained mixed vegetables to the leftover roast and gravy. Top with the  potatoes. Bake at 350F until heated through. A little cheddar sprinkled on top and melted is good, too.

Another pot roast favorite: Hash. I cook potatoes and onion slices together, browning in a little oil. Then add pot roast and gravy, cover and cook until potatoes are tender. My family likes this one so much they sometimes request I start with hash, and skip the pot roast!

A third meal: Slices of leftover pot roast, heated in the leftover gravy and served over toast, mashed potatoes or french fries, and a green salad, makes a hearty thrifty supper as well.  And finally, pot roast shredded and used to fill tortillas, adding enchilada sauce and a sprinkling of cheese. Again, green salad, a can of refried beans and you have a complete meal. Terri

My husband hates leftovers.  This has been hard for me as I grew up cooking for a family of nine.  Getting married and cooking for two has really been a challenge.  The best way I have found to get around his dislike is to use the leftover food in an entirely new dish.  Here is an example:  When I make a roast for Sunday dinner we always have some left over.  He doesn’t like to have roast again for a while so I freeze it and then later in the week I take it out and put it on the stove in a pot with some water.  After the roast has defrosted in the water I keep stirring it and shredding it with my spoon.  When it looks like shredded beef I add a favorite barbeque sauce to the meat and heat it up.  Now I have meat for barbeque sandwiches.  A whole new meal and my husband doesn’t bat an eye!  –Heidi

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