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Cleaning Rayon Fabric

Cleaning Rayon Fabric

Q.     I have a problem with my rayon fabric turning colors when I take it to the dry cleaners.  I have tried Dryel at home and still my fabrics get a red or pink tinge to it that I cannot get to come out.  I would stop buying rayon clothing, but I love the way it feels.  Does anyone know how to get this reddish cast out of my dresses, or are they just ruined?  If there isn’t anything I can do to get it out, is there anything I can do to avoid this from happening in the future?  Thanks a lot, Dianne H

I just hand wash my Rayon garments in cold water.  I use just a drop of mild detergent, and rinse.  I dry them on the line and needs virtually no ironing.   I realize the tag says ‘Dry Clean Only’ but I have not had any problems with Rayon.  Bob & Lorrain

I have never taken rayon to the dry cleaners. Always washed it in a natural liquid detergent, called Sunshine Concentrat e.  I love this product.  Use it for so many things around the house.  My clothing look new so much longer by not using chemical detergents which I think are designed to wear your clothes out and discolor them.  Maybe the clothing industry is in with the detergent industry?  LOL  Teresa

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