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Your Secret To Success

Your Secret To Success

By Doris Dobkins

Have you ever wondered what the secret ingredient is to success and financial independence? I know I have. I’ve also discovered it and want to share it with you in this article.

The most successful and financially independent people are goal- oriented. They clearly define their goals. This allows them to visualize the future and focus on a plan for prosperity.

I know it is still October but it is not too early to start thinking about next year. Do you have a financial plan for next year? Have you prepared a budget? What do you want to accomplish financially during the next 12 months?


Financial success begins with a definition of your objectives, which is a list of what you plan to accomplish. Make them specific. Make them tangible. To take control of your financial future, you must not only identify where you are presently but have a plan that will take you where you want to go as quickly as possible with maximum satisfaction.

What do you want from life? What do you want to get from your money? What are your financial goals? How soon do you want to pay off all your credit cards? When do you want to retire? Take some time to list your goals. Feel confident about your decisions.

You can make them happen in three easy steps.

Step One:
Order my home study course which is packed with ways to save money and guarantees you’ll save at least three times what you spent on it.

Step Two:
Pick 5 chapters to focus on, complete the self-assessment sections and implement what you learn.

Step Three:
Subscribe to any weekly money saving newsletter to keep you motivated and encouraged to achieve your goals. To join my free weekly ezine, just click on this link.

You are in control of your financial destiny and freedom!  Start today!

Doris Dobkins is the Money Saving Expert Author of "Financial Freedom A-Z Home Study Course" (Do It Yourself Steps To Becoming Debt Free) and publisher of the free weekly ezine $mart Money New$. Sign up at her web site .

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