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Singing Success CourseSinging Success Course by Brett Manning

Singing Success Vocal Course for At-Home Study

My wife, Donna, decided to take vocal lessons since a teacher was only a mile away. The weekly half-hour visits left her frustrated with not getting enough out of the lesson. She began to think about how many dollars could be invested in this "project" and looked online to find out if there were any quality singing / vocal courses online. She wasn’t interested in a professional career, but wanted to improve her voice to simply enjoy singing more.

There was a lot there, but the one she decided to order was Brett Manning’s Singing Success course. She’s really been enjoying it and is able to practice several times a week for as long as her vocal chords can tolerate. She’s been very excited. She had saved gift money from my parents for birthday and Christmas and was able to purchase this personally rewarding gift and share the excitement with them. They were thrilled that she chose a gift that could make a difference in her life.


If you’ve got somebody in your family that wants to learn more about singing, this course offers methods that she had never seen or heard of elsewhere. She has increased her vocal range greatly in only one month with the exercises given on the CD’s.  For that reason be decided to add it to this website.  If you order, be sure to email us after you get into the course.  Donna would love to "compare notes" with you.

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