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Removing Spilled Wax 

Removing Spilled Wax

Q. I am hoping someone can help me.  My husband was waxing our van when the wax accidentally dumped over.  It was on a ledge by the window, so as a result, it splattered (or poured rather) all over the brick of our home and the concrete driveway.  Any ideas on how to remove this?  We have tried scrubbing it, but to no avail.  I would appreciate any input!  Thanks!!

A.  What I would try is laying an old clean towel over the wax and apply heat to the top of the towel with a hot iron. This may cause the towel to absorb the heated wax. Repeat as many times as necessary, while  using a clean area of the towel each time.  Karri

A.  This is not so much a how-to but a what-to-do-first.    Car waxes are made of many things a lot of them not wax.    Polyester resins for example(polycoat).   read the label for the ingredients.   find out which cleaners will be effective.   Check the bottle for the internet site of the company.   Even if one is not listed use internet directories to find them.  re:parent companies are almost all on the internet.  The FAQ section may give you the information you need.  If not e-mail them with the problem you are having with their product.  They will usually reply; they want to keep you as a customer.  Good Luck, Michael.

A.  Try spraying it with full strength white vinegar. It should help break down the wax. If it’s thick it might take several shots to get it all. Good luck!  Kelly


A.  Wax comes off most everything with ice and cold. if you live in a climate where there is snow and cold, that time of year will be your best to get the wax off. Otherwise, invest in a bag of ice, don’t open it and  rub on brick a section at a time. Carefully using a putty knife, it should crack right off. Jean

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