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Fuzzy Sweaters

Fuzzy Sweaters

Q. I just recently subscribed to this newsletter. How can you get rid of fuzz-balls on your sweater? I have tried the lint-removers, but they don’t seem to work. Do you have any suggestions? Lynn

A.  I have always used a disposable razor to take fuzz balls off my sweaters and it works great and you can use the same razor again and again! Just light run the razor along the sweater and the fuzz balls come right off! Joanne B

A.  Absolute best solution is to get and use a battery-powered sweater shaver. It takes a little time, but it is marvelous. Janet

A.  The best technique I’ve found to "de-ball" sweaters and sweatshirts is SHAVE it! After a razor has been used, it generally just gets thrown away anyhow, so use it to shave the fuzz off those sweaters and other garments. 


A.  A related tip: When de-linting I will generally take a roll of tape (such as duct tape or masking tape) pull the tape out so it fits around the entire roll with the sticky side out, and then roll it over the linted garment. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it works!  Joseph

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