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Taffy In The VCR

Taffy In The VCR

Q. My son has mangled our VCR by getting taffy in it.  I reserved a book from the library on VCR repair but won’t have it for a few weeks. I thought I could just clean it out but can you use water? Can you scrub some of those "gadgets" without damaging them? If anyone knows how to repair things like this, please, give me your advise.

My husband is an electronic technician and he says first UNPLUG the machine, then use a q-tip and dab rubbing alcohol on the parts that need cleaning and then let the machine thoroughly dry (minimum of 1 hr.) before plugging back in. Do NOT use water!

In response to the taffy in the VCR… have her long on to It is a website where you can go to find out how to repair different items from small appliances to refrigerators or air compressors. It helps the average person walk themselves through repairing  the product themselves. If all else fails there is ask the expert. Hope that helps.  Debbie J.

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