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Making Mexican Tiles

Making Mexican Tiles

 Q.  I would like to learn how to make Mexican paver tiles VERY shiny and high gloss, both inside and outside.  I see them in Mexican restaurants but have been unable to find out how they get that shine.  OCI

A.  The way they make Mexican tile–or quarry tile-shiny is that they are cleaned well then polyurethane clear gloss is applied.  Joan

A.  Any ceramic tile needs to be sealed first  then you can apply a gloss clear coat suited to the abrasion you feel the tile will get.  The cheapest is a clear gloss spray paint.  More abuse, more toughness in the clear coat.  The pro’s at the store can help you to get the correct product.  All application can be done by you.  Remember–VENTILATION!  no use getting a shiny floor and losing too many brain cells to enjoy the result.  Michael

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