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T-Shirt Pillows

T-Shirt Pillows

Simply turn the shirt inside out and stitch the front of the neck opening to the back opening. Do the same for the arms. Then stitch along the hem of the shirt, but leave a small opening so you can stuff it. Turn it inside out again so that the shirt is the correct way, then stuff. Use either a store bought stuffing such as Kapok, which is used to stuff soft toys, or the insides of an old unused cushion(pillow), or be truly frugal and use old clean pantyhose! When sufficiently stuffed, stitch up the small opening on the hem line and, hey presto! one cool little cushion! — Pippa from New Zealand

I usually recycle an old throw pillow for a new one. I’ll turn the shirt inside out and center the pillow form on it, making sure that the logo is centered completely. Then cut out around it, adding extra for a seam allowance. Stitch around the seam, leaving enough to stuff the old pillow into it, and slipstitch that closed. I’ve also used old pantyhose for pillow stuffing. Same idea as above, just cutting out around the logo of the shirt and stuffing the hose into it. Of course, nowadays it would take me years to save enough hose to fill it as I no longer wear them on a daily basis. — Susan

To make pillows from t-shirts, turn shirt inside out. Sew neck and arm openings closed. Sew bottom and leave about a 4 inch opening. Turn right side out. Stuff with fiberfill. Stitch opening closed. — Jean

Just cut the shirt using the back of the jersey as well to make two even squares or rectangles (what ever shape that will show off the jersey best). Turn the pieces back to back (design will be facing each other on the inside), sew three edges together, turn the shirt pillow right side out, then stuff. After pillow is stuffed, sew the remaining side closed. You can use easy stitches. I have done this before and it is very easy. I am not much of a sewer. This is a great frugal idea. Your recycling those old jerseys. — Lisa P.


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