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Using Leftover Vegetables

Using Leftover Vegetables

Keep a large cool whip (Or whatever you have) container in your freezer, as you clean up from each meal , put the bits of veggie, rice or pasta into the container.  Mark it Soup Fixings, use it when you are making a stew or soup, there is no need to cook it. I throw it in the top of the stew while it is on it’s last simmer, the big icy chunk will melt into it and stretch it a bit.   Lisa S

When I have a very small amount of veggies left, I use them as baked potato toppings, or on top of ramen noodles. I also put them in pasta salads, etc.. If you have a baby around, mashing them would make an ideal baby-sized side dish.

Put them in (and continue adding to) a zip-lock bag in the freezer for when you are making your next soup.

Great grandma had a stock pop on the back burner of the stove. Into it went meat bones, leftover veggies of all kind…anything with good nutrition left in it. Nothing much was wasted in her time.


Today, I keep a plastic tub, the kind soft margarine comes in, in my freezer. When I open canned veggies…which always have too much liquid…I pour some of it into the tub, which is kept in the freezer. Little bits of leftover peas, corn, cabbage and other veggies go into it. Also small amounts of leftover potatoes, cooked rice…whatever. When I cook a whole chicken or turkey, and begin to make soup from the bones……..I get out my tub, defrost it in the microwave oven and add it  instead of water… soup never comes out the same twice, but very little is wasted in this household! Of course I end up with a very LARGE amount of soup, so If I’m not sharing it with someone busy or in need, I portion it into pint and larger containers and freeze it. Great easy weekend lunches are right at hand in the freezer! Nett

I make a one pot dish that I call pasta casserole. Boil your pasta (egg noodles, spaghetti) When pasta is halfway done throw any frozen or fresh veggies. (leftover veggies go in about a minute before pasta is done cooking) Drain veggies and pasta. In pasta pot combine margarine/butter, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, spices, etc to taste. Mix thorough until melted. Toss in the pasta and veggies in same pot. You can also use up veggies like this by making ramen noodle soup. Toss in veggies (leftovers will work, I normally use any stir fry combination) and noodles when water starts boiling. I add a beaten egg, a bullion cube, and some tvp. cook according to package directions. I sometimes top this with Chinese noodles or fried onions.  Jennifer

I chop up the left over corn and add it to scrambled eggs. Kayte

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