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Finding Brassiere Underwires

Finding Brassiere Underwires

Q. This will sound like an odd question but here it is: Is there someplace (or somehow) to get replacement under wires for brassieres? I am forced to wear under wire bras for necessary support but the under wires tend to break long before the rest of the bra (fabric, shoulder straps, etc.) wears out. I hate to discard an almost perfect (and rather expensive) piece of clothing and have tried unsuccessfully to locate and purchase replacement under wires to repair the bras with. If you or your readers have any suggestions they would certainly be appreciated! Keep up the great work with your newsletter. I love it and it has saved me quite a bit of money.

Editor’s Note Regarding Safety Issues:  According to the American Cancer Society (ACS )webpage, safety concerns have not been confirmed, and the ACS does not say that women should not use underwires. See link for more specifics on the American Cancer Society findings.

A.  I have seen them at fabric stores. 

A.  I’ve made bras, so I suspect I’m probably close to an expert on these….If you just need one or two, check out your local fabric store, such as Hancocks.  They are usually somewhere near the notions (by the shoulder pads). Another option is to try Goodwill or Salvation Army for an old bra you can scrounge the underwires out of. If you don’t mind mail order or want a bunch, try this link: The company has a good reputation, although I’ve not ordered from them. Valerie

A.  I too have the same problem with the underwires. And since I haven’t been able to find the underwires, what I do is donate the bras.  Believe it or not, the charities in my area receive very little in the way of female undergarments. Just a thought. Bobbie

A.  Need to check out a place called Bra Makers Supply.  They appear to have a gazillion sizes of underwires as well as other parts for bras.  This is a Canadian company but my experience showed me it’s not difficult at all to buy from Canada as long as you use a major credit card.  Gerry

A.  I rummaged around on the internet and this is about the only hopeful site I found.  Addresses for lingerie supplies in general: Banasch’s –   "Supplies & equipment for the apparel, tailoring and dry cleaning trade."  They carry items from buttons, to threads and flosses, to model forms, to display racks.  Toll Free Nationwide:1-800-543-0355 – Catalogue: free – Hours: M-F 8:30-5:00 (EST)  Mary

A.  If I were in that situation I would shop the thrift shops and fine a bra that is not worn out and buy it. I would then take the underwire out and insert it in my own bra. Hope you find this helpful.  Clara

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  1. I just realized that instead of shopping at thrift stores for a replacement just salvage the under wires from bras you are throwing away. I threw a bra with one broken underside a week ago and could have used it to fix the latest broken one. Probably need to use more care in the laundry instead of throwing them in a regular cycle.

    1. on the tag hand wash only . I know every VS bra does. They will return/exchange/replace for mafnuacturing defects, but they will not return or exchange if you caused the damage by ignoring the care instructions.My secret to bra washing is to wash them in the shower. I take them in with me, scrub them down with my shampoo and them hang them over the edge of the tub to dry. It’s quick, there is no extra time out of your day to do it and you don’t have to deal with Woolite and filling your sink. Plus, they smell good and the shampoo is super gentle on the fabric.

    2. Here’s my trick for hand washing my bras. I was them in the washing machine BEFORE I put my regular load in.

      I put a small amount of detergent into the machine and let the water fill the basket so that I have enough water for what I’m washing. This is typically about an eighth of the tub or about 2″. Then I stop the fill and wash what I’ve got to wash.

      When I’m done washing, I’ll start the water again and rinse each bra separately, again, stopping the water after each bra to wring it out. When I’m done with that, I hang them in my bathroom to dry.

      Then, of course, I can put the rest of the detergent in and start my retular load.

      Benefits include all laundry done at the same time, no wasted water, no wasted detergent, no need for a special or separate place to do the washing, no clean up, no extra tubs, the hot water tank does not have to run any extra time, no inconveniencing others, and I bet we all could come up with a few more…

      The only disadvantage is that in the winter, the garage does get a bit cold, so I wash during the middle of the day, when it is warmest.

    1. Hi Helene, are you still selling sizes of underwires? I’m looking for 42 H cup metal underwires. Please message me privately or give me a website to email you on :)

    1. I could repeat the first half of this post, the all night bra weraing started with the first nursing baby.. I did get some comfy wireless back then to change into before bedtime. This time all wire I am used to it now it never comes off well maybe to shower HA HA HAI should get some comfy ones to change into, and i’m sure when baby #2 comes I will but now i’m just being lazy.[]

  2. I have been looking without success for replacement underwires because all they sell is for up to D-Cup size. I need 44-GG, if anyone knows where to get these, please comment, thanks.

    1. I can’t sleep comfortably in mine (and I wear sohemting very similar NO under wires here but a firm lining underneath nursing bra) but I cannot STAND to go braless during the day. I am just far to sensitive there to have my shirt rubbing against me all day. So though I dont wear one at night I am no bra burner either LOL[]

  3. Consider also the type of detergent you’re using to wash uderwire bras. Many contain chemicals that may corroded the metal in the underwire. As well as the hooks and eyes in the clasp.
    I prefer hand washing my bras in some cold water with a few drops of water dispersible lavender oil. Then rinse. let it air dry.
    If you feel your bras need an extra clean then try using diluted detergent , cold water and rinse well. If you have a top load washer. Try adding them in at the last rinse cycle when the detergent is diluted.
    Also if you’re using a washing machine try to always use the delicate or gentle cycle. Always put your bra in a delicates bag or bra pouch before putting it in the wash. Cold wash always. And try to avoid the clothes dryer as the hot temperature can stress and weaken and warp the metal in the underwire.

  4. I’ve off and on slept in a sports bra since high soochl (big chested), but since having babies I almost always wear a sports bra to bed. I sometimes even get too lazy to change out of my reg. underwire ones! During pregnancies I was tender, too (esp. w/ my son’s) but I’m just more comfortable wearing a sports bra to sleep in. When preg/nursing I wear one of those criss-cross sleeping/nursing bras (I don’t know what they’re called!). Definite sagging, but if I didn’t wear something, I woke up to a wet bed.[]

  5. I have found a great place to purchase underwire. You can purchase 1 set or a set of 12 and they are about $1.20 (approx.) per set. The website I found is I have several very nice bras that the underwire has broken in 1 side. I have paid quite a bit for the good bra that I don’t want to throw or give them away so I’ve been looking to purchase and found the sewsassy site and thought I’d share it with you in case you were looking too. My Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry them. I’m ordering today.

  6. To wash bras in the Washing machine you need to:
    1) Make sure all clasps are fastened (this prevents the hooks from getting caught on other items and bending the hooks).
    2) Always use a Lingerie bag to wash them in.
    3) Never dry them in the Dryer. Air dry them; just hang them up somewhere and let them air dry.

  7. My underwire breaks on my bras all the time, but the problem is that I wear a very large size bra, so does anyone know where I can find metal size F underwire replacement. There has got to be a better solution to this problem, than this… It’s so frustrating, my bras are not cheap and I am sure yours are not either. Time to put our thinking caps on ladies, we can find a better way to resolve this. There has to be better materials that aren’t as prone to breakage as the current type of underwires being used.

  8. I’m looking for a metal underwire to replace one in my 36DDD bra. Uncle Sam’s laundry services while I was on training decided to keep the one that came out of one of my sports bras and I’d hate to buy a whole new bra just for one underwire

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