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  1. I have a 12 year old male cat that is refusing to use his litterbox. He has two litter boxes and they are cleaned every day. He stopped using his litter boxes about a year ago, he was losing weight. I took him to the vet with a stool sample, they did blood work that came back OK. Three months later he had x-rays to see if there was any lumps or anything unusual but nothing was found. He has never been a fat cat, weighing 12.5 and 12.6 for years, he is a long cat with the larger head. He started losing weight and was down to 8.6 lbs, but has gained a small amount back. He is totally inside as I live on a very busy road and does not even try to get out the door. When he stopped (mostly) using his litter boxes, I was using Fresh Step litter and they changed to Fabreze scent and I thought that was causing the problem, I tried changing litter brand by mixing them at first and cutting back on the original brand but he didn’t seem to like that either. I am going to remove the tops from the litter boxes as has been suggested in some responses. I also am going to change what I use to clean the litter boxes. He is due to go back to the vet to be checked again. He is eating more than he has ever eaten before but is very skinny. He either sleeps on a pillow on the cedar chest or on my bed at night as does my (small) dog. They seem to get along very well. I feed the cat on a little table and he has a cup in the bathroom on the sink which is changed every time I am in there, but he sometimes drinks out of the bowl in the kitchen that the dog uses. He is bad about eating the dog’s food which I will set up and give it back to the dog when he isn’t around. He is using my computer room as his bathroom and I usually find a gift every morning but he waits till I am on my way into the kitchen and will see it, I usually come with toilet paper in hand and the gift is still warm. He sometimes pees in there also and I am going to have to remove the carpet. He has been throwing up a lot and I am cutting back on the Fancy Feast (I was told that it is a pretty rich food) and giving him more Friskey brand. He seems to eat it as long as there is a small amount of FF in the bowl. He has always eaten a lot of dry food and as a small kitten would come to me crying and stopped when I started giving him the FF. He was found when 6 weeks old abandoned at the club house for a golf course. I tried litter that had baking soda and he did not like that . I think FF has one that is not scented and will try the non clumping. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I have cleaned the carpet 4 times this year so far and am really not able to keep doing this.

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