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Baby Tips

Frugal Baby Savings
Don’t spend money on plastic diaper throw away bags in the stores. Use your newspaper wrapper, bags from produce and bread bags. They work just as well and save you money.

Frugal Restaurant Savings
When you do go to a restaurant, feed your children a banana before you go. This way they won’t be so hungry when you get there and ask for everything on the menu. This is especially helpful in going through a cafeteria type restaurant.

Baby Wipes
Use an empty round tub of store bought baby wipes. Get a roll of paper towels (I use Viva) cut the roll in half. Pull the cardboard core out. In a mixing bowl combine 2 Tbsp. of baby soap, 1 Tbsp of baby oil and 2 cups of water. Pour half of the mixture into the tub, place your roll of paper towels into the tub in the mix. Pour the rest of the mix over the top. This should cost you about .35 depending on how you buy your paper towels.

Baby Clothes
I buy 95% of my children’s clothes at garage sales (mine also). If there is a stain make a paste of Tide with bleach and a little water. Let it sit on the stain overnight and wash in the morning.

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