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Candle Wax In The Carpet

Q.    I have brand new wall to wall carpeting and a candle melted and put a large pool of wax into my carpeting could you please tell me what I can do to remove the wax from my carpeting without damaging my carpeting?

A.  For the candle wax on the carpet you need to put down paper towels over the wax, and run your iron over that. i.e., melt the wax and blot it up with paper towels.  Remember to  change the paper towels as the wax is absorbed.  This information came from a carpet cleaner.

A.  Try putting an ice pack on the spot and that should freeze it so you can pick it out of your carpet. 

A.  I had success in removing red wax from beige carpet by folding several white paper towels over the wax area and applying a warm iron to the paper towels.   As the wax melts the paper towel absorb the wax. You may need to change the paper towels several times to get up all the wax. My carpeting is beige again!!!

A.  According to a pamphlet I have left from our carpet cleaning business, scrape off excess wax with a dull knife. Lay a paper towel over the wax and with a blow dryer, blow hot air on the towel. The heat will melt the wax and the towel will absorb it. Clean with a solvent cleaner (like De-Solv-It) if a spot remains.

A.  This is for the person with a pool of WAX on the new wall to wall CARPET.  I found this in a book titled: Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean by Linda Cobb.  Put ice in a plastic bag and lay it over the wax, allowing it to freeze.   Chip off all the wax that you can. Next, lay down brown paper over the wax (a grocery bag works great; use the area without the writing) and press with a medium / hot iron. Move the paper as it absorbs so that you don’t re-deposit the wax on the carpet. Have patience and continue as long as any wax shows up on the bag. Next, apply a good carpet stain remover.

Fingernail Polish in the Carpet

Q. I spilled fingernail polish on my carpet – a whole bottle.   Any ideas on removing it?

Blot with fingernail polish remover. You may want to test in an area behind some furniture first to make sure the color won’t come up. Start out with as little as possible and use a sponge or white towel. We used to own a carpet cleaning company and this was the suggestion in one of our pamphlets. Good Luck.

Crayons In The Carpet

Q.     My son vacuumed up a crayon and now I have blue streaks of melted crayon in my carpet… I cannot afford new carpet does anyone have any solutions? Thank you. Robin

Use non diluted vinegar. It works like a charm.  Terry

Here are 3 easy steps that I have used successfully:
1.  Put an ice cube on the area and scrape all that you can from the surface.

2. Put down at least 3 layers of paper towels and use a warm iron to melt and absorb the wax.  Keep doing this and then let it cool and do it again until no wax is being absorbed.

3.To remove the remaining color, try the product "Simple Green"  It is usually sold in the automotive department of Discount stores like Wal-Mart.

This is what I did to remove the stains from a carpet of a rental house and it worked GREAT.  Simple Green also removes crayon stains and marker from clothing and painted walls, doors and cabinets. Julie

Try WD40. My kids once left one in a pocket that then became one with the inside of our dryer. I called our county home extension person and she suggested this. To get it out of the dryer you sprayed it on a towel and ran it for a little while. The stuff in the WD 40 dissolves the wax. So I would be very careful, but at this point it is worth a try.  Deb

I read this tip from and I would think that crayon would be similar to candle wax. It’s worth a try! unless  there is a lot of dye in it.  With the Christmas season fast approaching, along with the lights on the tree, red and green candles around the house add that extra touch of warmth and coziness. But  what happens when the candle was spills on to the carpet below?   Don’t worry! Here’s what to do and how to safely remove the wax.  Take a brown paper grocery bag, fold it over two or three times and place it on top of the wax. Now take a warm, NOT hot, but warm iron and gently go over the candle wax, back and forth. The paper bag will act like a sponge. As the wax begins to melt, it will melt into the bag and most of it should come up.  One little problem: If the candle wax has a lot of dye  in it, it can discolor a light-colored carpet.  Unfortunately, there is not too much that can be done about that.   Robert

I would try using a hot iron and a old towel (one you can throw away).  Place the towel over the streaks, and pass the hot iron over it.  The towel should absorb the wax as it melts from the heat of the iron.  I’d be surprised if this does not work, I tried it when one of those big round candles, with three wicks spilled over and onto our carpet.  The pool of wax was about 8 inches in diameter.  We chipped off as much wax as we could, then did this trick, and its GONE!  totally gone. This also works on crayon on the walls.  Simone

Check the Crayola site ( Here’s what they said for problems:
Needed Materials: Sponge, Paper Towels, Dull knife or metal spoon, WD-40� (car part lubricant), Liquid dishwashing detergent, Small stiff bristle brush.

Scrape excess crayon off with a dull-edge knife or metal spoon. Spray with WD-40 and let stand a few minutes. With a small, stiff bristle brush work  crayon stain and wipe with paper towels. Respray with WD-40 and apply liquid dishwashing detergent on the sprayed area; work in with the brush and wipe stain away with a damp sponge. If stain remains, repeat the procedure. For another method, apply Energine� cleaning fluid as directed on the container.  Tom & Ada

You may be able to remove it the same way you remove candle wax from carpet-I have read that placing a brown bag over the spot and gently running a warm iron over the bag will lift the stain. It works for candle wax.  Bernadette