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Thank You for Contacting The Frugal Life

Thank You for Contacting The Frugal Life

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1 thought on “Thank You for Contacting The Frugal Life”

  1. So many money saving ideas.

    Take showers not baths (saves water and you don’t soak in your own filth…lol)
    Flush the toilet every poo or every other wee wee
    Turn the water in the shower off while you lather up
    Use only a very small amount of shampoo and lather only once (don’t rinse and repeat)
    Apple cider vinegar rinse for dark hair
    Use CFL’s instead of old fashioned bulbs (they use a lot less electricity)
    Consider a wood stove instead of a furnance
    Offer to clean someones wood shop for the scrap wood for your stove
    Make sure to season your wood (let it sit chopped for about a year)
    It is much easier to clean flooring instead of carpeting (no need to steam clean a hard floor)
    Wash your laundry in cold water
    Wash only full loads
    Line dry instead of using the dryer when possible
    Compare insurance costs every few years
    Increase your deductible on auto insurance
    Have someone show you how to change a flat and do basic car repair
    Only run your dishwasher when needed (for us that is every 3 days approx.)
    Use half the recommended amount of dishwasher detergent
    Use half the recommended amount of soap when doing laundry
    Use your old paint before it goes bad (most any color works as a primer)
    Don’t worry about keeping up with the neighbors and don’t water your lawn
    Use water you would poor down the drain to water inside plants
    Turn the water off when you brush your teeth
    Don’t eat out cook from scratch
    Double the recipe and freeze the extra
    Invite people over instead of going out
    Don’t spend money on cable TV. We use an antenna
    Use your library for free internet
    Listen to the radio more if you are only seeking background noise
    Shop at your local Salvation Army
    Don’t subscribe to newspapers or magazines. Most of that info you can g et online
    See if you qualify for anything like food stamps
    If you can consider chickens. They are natural bug eaters and lay eggs too
    Walk or ride a bike
    Use public transportation
    Carpool with others
    Plan your trips (errands) so that you do them a few times a week instead of everyday
    Brown bag your work lunches or beverages (it adds up fast)
    If your water heater in pre 2000 consider a timer for it (we saved almost $15 a month doing this)
    Remember to insulate everything (water heater, window, doors, any gaps)
    Open your window when possible for fresh air
    Always reduce, reuse & then recycle
    Haul your own garbage to the dump or combine with neighbors to do this
    If you leave the room turn your tv, computer or lights off
    Learn to plan and prepare meals from scratch (generally better for you and much cheaper)
    Save leftovers from tonights meal for lunch tomarrow
    Change your phone service to Magic Jack ($6 a month and unlimited long distance in the US)
    Do you really need a cell phone???
    Use a crock pot instead of heating up the oven
    If you do use the oven turn it off about 5 minutes before most it’s done
    If you are heating up the oven cook things like baked potatoes for the next days meal also
    Consider making your own cleaning supplies (baking soda and vinegar)

    And the list is nearly endless. Make it a game and challenge yourself to save more every month.

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