Uses for Cardboards

Take the corrugated cardboard from light bulbs and use when making pop-up cards or in scrap booking. You can cut it to the width that you need.  Pam

We save large cartons, or scavenge these from the local stores. We cut them into panels, and using tape make them large enough to fit our windows. These we paint white ,(have also covered them with aluminum foil) and placed them in our windows to reflect the summer heat away from the windows. We lowered our electric bills to less than $200/mo in the hottest months, down from $320.  Terri

The Boy Scout troop at our church makes their own home made candles using coardboard, wax, wick, and tuna can. Wash the tuna can well. Cut strips of cardboard the height of the can. Wrap around inside the can. Pour melted wax in the can. Put wick in middle. After it has set, use like "Sterno" to cook outside. Betty G.

I reuse cereal boxes and bisquick boxes as magazine holders. Cut top at an  angle and decorate. They usually hold a year at a time. Nice and organized. CDutch


I use empty cereal boxes opened up flat to cool cookies on after baking, it makes cleanup very easy.  2. Also I cut off the top of a cereal box leaving about a 8 inch high box and put this on or near my desk for trash, and then every few weeks empty this into the kitchen waste basket. Saves time and keeps the area clean. Kathy H.

I use the cardboard to make tubes for chalk molds.  Pour plaster of paris into a tube standing upright with wax paper under the bottom.  Once the plaster of paris hardens, you have a BIG piece of sidewalk chalk.