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Carpet Indentations

Carpet Indentations

Q. When I rearrange the furniture in the livingroom the indentations from the furniture never dissapear. Any suggestions?? – Debbie

A. You can use a damp cloth and and a hot iron to remove carpet dents. Place the damp cloth over dents and place iron on a few seconds and check. Keep the cloth damp.May take several minutes. Always works for me – Patsy

A. This has worked very well for me – just place an ice cube in each of the indentations – when the ice has melted, the indentation will be gone. – Vinlorvin

A. You can use an ice cube in the indent, when it melts vac over it and the fibers usually lift back up, then work gently with fingers to finish. That will help the fibers return to normal sooner – Sheila

A. Put ice cubes in indentions or lay a wet cloth across let remain over night – Ginger


A. Here’s a method I’ve used successfully: Use a garment steamer or steam iron to soften the indented area with steam (be careful not to get the carpet soaking wet), and gently rake the pile with fingers or a fork to fluff them up again. This takes care of the pile only; indentations in the padding beneath the carpet will just take some time after the pressure source is removed to become less flat – Mary

A. This does not always work, depending on age and type of carpet, but you can mist the indentations, then over a cloth (so you don’t melt carpeting) use a steam iron to apply steam. Brush the indentation to see if you can raise it. Repeat several times because it sometimes takes more than one try to make this work. The other thing is avoidance – get some of those flat pieces that to under furniture so that the weight is spread over a larger area. This decreases or even prevents the problem – Mary

A. In response to the question about indents left from furniture, just take a hair blow dryer and a comb the carpet back into place. This works well for plusher carpets – Jill

A. To remove indentations caused from furniture that has been atop carpet for a long period of time, simply allow one or two ice cubes to melt in the indentation. Then, place a towel over the wet spot and iron with steam. When you feel the carpet start to rise up, stop ironing and separate the carpet fibers with your fingers. Fluff the fibers and then vacuum – Kay

A. I have an answer to Debbie’s problem regarding furniture indentations in carpets. I’ve tried it many times on different types of carpets and it works great. On the spot that is indented, place a damp towel and run a hot iron over it a few times. The steam will raise the foam that is underneath that is crushed. Be sure to check after a few times to see if it has "lifted". I then take a soft hair brush and brush over it to bring up any remaining spots

A. To answer the problem about making the carpet regain its look after furniture smashes it, use a dog or cat brush and brush toward the center of the indentation. I have done it for years and it has always worked. Work dry and use a dry carpet cleaner, then vacuum in serveral directions. Then use brush again. Hope this helps. – Becky


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  1. I moved into a lovely home in November. The house had short carpet in good shape except for horrible carpet indentations. I tried the ice cube method, with only minor results. Then I tried a damp dish towel and my burst of steam iron held barely over the dents. I shot steam through the towel and they came up like magic! Finished it up with using the tines of a fork to fluff it up. It looks like new. Try it, you’ll like it :)

  2. I clean the spots with WD-40 first, (spray WD-40 on spot enough to cover entire spot, let sit for a min or 2, use wet sponge to clean it up, then use towel (i use a washcloth) to dry), then I use a pet brush to get the fibers up. Works great. Just make sure spot is completely dry before walking on it or it will attract the dirt (which causes the nap in the first place)

  3. I’ve done this with iron today and it has removed a large bad dent that I have been struggling with for over a year now that ice cubes didn’t work on! Brilliant, I am no longer afraid to re arrange my furniture!

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