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Cat Hair

Cat Hair

Q. My son always has cat hairs on his clothes, even after I wash them they still have cat hair.   Is there any way to clean this?   Thank You.   

I have a great solution.  If you have a Costco near you, they carry a set of 6 "hair rollers"…(those large rolls of tape on a handle)…for a great price!  I just use them before leaving the house if needed. You can keep one handy in the car as well. Also, it helps to use them before washing the clothes…which I found out after having hairy clothes come out of the dryer!  These are great…but definitely buy them at a place like Costco…a regular store sells ONE for about half the cost of SIX from Costco! Lastly, try brushing the cats more…it will help as well.  Hope these tips help…God bless!

We have seven cats and so cat hair is a constant problem.  We use the lint rollers that have the sticky sheets you can tear off (some of them even say they are specifically for pet hair and they do seem to work a little better).  We have also discovered that having an air purifier cuts down significantly on the airborn cat hair, also regular brushing eliminates a lot of the shedding and therefore less cat hair in the laundry.

If you have cats, you’re always going to have cat hairs on your clothes. Having had cats all my life and currently with two (and I wear a lot of black business suits and casual clothes), I always wrap duct tape around my hand before laundering or sending to drycleaners, and go over the garments thoroughly. I’ve also found that those rubberized drawer gripper shelf liners work wonders for removing cat hair off of clothes and upholstery. Just slide it across the item and the cat hair comes off in a clean sweep.


I’ve resorted to using one of those sticky rollers (or masking tape wrapped around your hand works too!) 

I run our clothes through the fluff cycle in the dryer for 20 minutes – it takes off almost all of the pet (or person) hair.

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