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Cat Urinating In The Home

Cat Urinating In The Home

Q. Hi I have a 13 yr old calico that just started urinating in different areas of our carpet? How do you get the smell out and stop the problem?

Pet Force really works! I recently purchased a large triple wide mobile on a basement, 4,960 square foot. A large home with lots and lots of carpet. The home previously had two unrully cats, two dogs, and who knows how many mice! I used the steam cleaner on the rug and spray bottle for the walls at 4 ounces per gallon. The house smells fresh! Thanks Flint River ! It would have cost a lot to replace walls and carpet for this home! Please use the testimonial on your web site. It is hard to find products, that do what they say they will do. Pet Force really works!" Kathy in Colorado

A. As soon as the calico urinates put baking soda on to the carpet ASAP. The baking soda will pull the urine up from the carpet and padding. Once the baking soda is full with urine clean it up and repeat until the baking soda stays white. But if your calico just started urinating you might want to bring him/her to the vet, it might be a bladder or unitary tract infection. Every time my cat started going to the bathroom on the carpets was because she had a unitary tract infection, a little medicine and she was back to normal. – Dara

A. "I am writing to let you know how well Pet Force works in eliminating cat urine from the carpet. We have used everything and nothing completely eliminates the strong odor of cat urine. We thought we were going to have to rip out our brand new carpet and install new. However, the Pet Force truly does eliminate the odor. We are happy that it does so in such a natural way without the strong chemical smell. It works great on laundry that has been urinated on as well." Bridget S.


A. The best thing I have found to get cat urine smell out of carpet is Odor X. It is made for vehicles and can be bought at automotive shops. I learned this from my mother who had left her car windows down during the night. A cat got inside her vehicle and urinated all over it. When she took her car to the shop the mechanic used Odor X on her vehicle. I bought some and tried it and it really works!

A. I found a product online that takes urine out of areas where it’s even under the carpet. Pet Force is the name. It’s a great product, concentrated, so it lasts a long time and the place gives free shipping too! Marcy

A. I have had cats for thirty years and have never found a solution that absolutely destroys urine odor. The two best odor killers I have found are citrus (orange) based cleaners and peroxide. But there is always enough odor left for the animals to smell, which means that they will usually return to the spot. But what I really wanted to address is the fact that an older cat has just started doing this. Often older cats will do this if they are having urinary tract problems. These are very common in older cats. Get the cat checked out by a veterinarian and make sure he tests for urinary tract problems. Also start feeding a diet designed for older cats and which more specifically is designed to help the urinary tract. If this is the problem, very often the cat will go back to its former good habits very soon after treatment is begun I have been going through this with a 16 year old tomcat of my own this year. Unfortunately he is on the edge of full renal failure, so I am stuck with just following him around with my cleaning supplies. I will be interested to read if anyone has a scent solution that I have not tried. – Celia

A. My cat (11 years old) just started urinating on the carpet instead of the cat litter box. We changed brands of cat litter & that did the trick for us. Also our cat lets us know when the litter box is too messy to use anymore by pooping on the floor. Cats love cleanliness. I even washed the litter box in the dishwasher before we changed our cat litter brand, so Fluffy would have a nice clean start. No more troubles for us-Amen!

A. I would take the cat to the vet. It may have a bladder infection. If the vet gives the cat a clean will of health, consider any changes you have made in the household recently. If you have introduced a new family member, new furniture or a new pet, it’s a territory issue. If you have changed cat litter brands recently, used a different kind of cleaner in the litter box or the cat was startled recently while doing his business, the cat may be turned off to the litter box. Assuming your cat is still doing his other business in the box, this may or may not be the case. If your cat has been turned off to the box completely a vet friend recommended shutting him up in a confined space such as a small room (bathroom/closet) with restricted space to lay down, food/water and the litter box will make the cat start to use the box again. The cat has to be shut away or supervised all day and this can take 2 weeks. If it’s a territorial issue, ask for vet for any products that may neutralize the urine smell as that may be why he keeps marking the same spot. There are several nice prepared cleaners that are supposed to remove the urine smell. Good luck!

A. First of all, take the cat to the vet immediately and have it checked out thoroughly, especially for a urinary tract infection. Secondly, buy Nature’s Miracle at a pet supply store and use it on your carpets to completely get rid of the odor. Good luck! SCH

A. About the cat urinating problem. Vinegar and water work well to deodorize and clean. A sprinkling of ginger in the place (and I mean a sprinkle) will keep them repeating the offense. But I am more concerned about the health of your cat. When they urinate out of their usual place it signifies a problem. A urinary tract or bladder infection. Pay attention if you can to the color and the frequency of their urination. Another serious problem this could signify is diabetes. We learned the hard way and our beautiful Russian Blue was very sick by the time we wised up. It was too late for him and we had to say good bye. Now I wish I hadn’t been so disgusted with the urine stains that I didn’t pay attention to the possible underlying causes.

A. Most cats do not just start urinating inappropriately unless there is an underlying medical problem. Don’t wait to take her to your vet – your elderly feline may have a bladder infection or other metabolic problem that requires attention now rather than later. There are many products on the market to help with smell – I like to use Nature’s Enzymes. Good luck, a vet tech

A. Since your cat is thirteen, which is not a great old age, if there have not been any changes in the household that could upset him/her, it is very likely that the cat has some sort of health problem, so it might be a good idea to get a check-up at the vet’s. We had a cat that lived to within two weeks of her eighteenth birthday and during her last year, from time to time she urinated in the wrong place. We just cleaned it up and never
bothered scolding her. Your cat could have some problem like cystitis, and if that is addressed properly, the "mistakes" should stop. However, with a cat, it is very important to also get rid of the smell of the urine–if at all possible, to the point where even the cat can’t smell it. (As you may know, all you need to toilet-train even a 5- or 6-week old kitten is to let it smell its own or its mother’s urine on a tissue in the litter box. Urine scent signals, "This is the right place to do your business.") I would blot up all the urine possible, then wash with something like a solution of water and Woolite which shouldn’t harm the rug (test first), and blot well again. Some people then use a vinegar and water solution (Again, be sure to test first in an inconspicuous corner of the rug.), but I am sure there must be some product at the supermarket, or a place like PetSmart, that is made for removing urine smells from fabrics. I am sorry, I don’t know any brand names because the above-mentioned old cat never used the carpets. She preferred the bare floor or our shoes! Be sure to also treat the pad under the carpet and wipe the floor off, as well. If you have any doubts about whether any
scent remains, spray a bit of perfume or cologne on the spot (test first). This should help distract the cat. When I had just gotten married, our 2-year-old female was upset at the change and began to urinate on a puffy comforter with a silk-like cover (and my husband and me under it, in bed!). There were no special products available where I was living then (Japan). I simply blotted the urine up, then poured boiling water on the spot several times, blotting in between, and then used a bit of perfume. I was afraid that I might have to throw out the expensive comforter, but after a few mistakes, the cat finally settled down and stopped doing misbehaving. If anyone ever tells you that a cat never reforms once it has begun to urinate in the wrong place, don’t believe them. It all comes down to mental upset, age, or a health problem, plus getting rid of the scent. All these problems except age have a good chance of being solved.

A. the cat may have a bladder infection – only the vet can tell so have him tested. Purchase a product called something like Pet Out – I have bought it at Wal-Mart…it is non-toxic and removes the odor and residue so the cat doesn’t return.

A. Regarding the 13 year old Calico cat that has started urinating on the carpet. Our cat did that also, at about the same age. He was a neutered male, and we learned this was very common. He had developed a persistent urinary tract infection that we were unaware of. To stop the problem, he needed an antibiotic and we changed his drinking water to distilled water and his food to the "urinary health" kind that is available from the vet or in stores. To stop the odor — Nature’s Miracle. It is a product that you just squirt on the "accident" and just let it dry naturally. It removes pet stains and odors. – Maggie

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  1. If she is doing it in her sleep it is more likely spay innictonecne than a UTI though a UTI is still possible. She needs to go to the vet to rule out a UTI. If it is spay innictonecne it is easily treatable with medication in most dogs (they are one the medicine for the rest if their lives it is treatable not curable)References :

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