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Cell Phones โ€“ Minutes Longer Than A Month?

Cell Phones – Minutes Longer Than A Month?

Q. Is there any cell phone company that sells minutes that you don’t have to replace on a monthly basis? I don’t use my cell phone enough to have a contract plan or buy the minutes on a monthly basis. At the present time I must buy minutes monthly or lose the minutes I don’t use. It might take me six months to use up 60 minutes. Thanks, Debbie

A. For the person wondering about needing lower cell minutes. There is a company called "Trac Phone" that allows you to buy 30 minutes for $20. You have 2 months to use the 30 minutes before you lose them. They also roll over any unused minutes when you renew after 60 days. You can buy phones with 30 minute cards at Radio Shack or Walmart, I think. Hope this helps! – Barbara and Nancy

A. Since you don’t use all your minutes every month, why not get a prepaid plan like the prepaid phone cards. You spend what you want for the number of minutes you want and they stay there until you use them. A friend of mine gets her’s from the 7-11. She just pays them and they give her a card with an 800 # which she calsl. Then the minutes are loaded into her phone (of course, I’m not sure of the technicalities) and she used the phone when she wanted. If it took her two months to use up it was okay. It costs a little more, but in the long run, for you, it will be cheaper because you’re not paying for something you’re not using – Maria

A. I have a cell phone with a contract because I need it, but I do have a girlfriend who went to Radio Shack and bought a phone outright, one of her choosing, and then she buys phone cards, also to her liking for price and number of minutes. The phone card info has to be put into the phone for the phone to recognize the minutes available, and good when ever you want them. The clerks at Radio Shack will show you how to do it yourself or they will gladly do it for you – Sincerely, MizWilde

A. I have the same problem with cell phone programs. I have a basic 30min plan that allows for me to have a cell phone for emergency for the cost of $15 a month….the price of convenience. Then I went to Sam’s Club and bought a phone card for 3.4 cents per minute. You can’t find those rates any other place.


A. Dear Debbie, I don’t use my cell phone often either but being handicapped, I need one in my car. I opted for the Trac Phone. When I bought mine at Staples, they had a rebate that made the phone free, plus it came with 40 minutes air time. You buy phone cards for this phone. There are no contracts to sign. You can buy 30, 60, 150, or 300 minute cards. Or….opt for the 1yr plan and only have to buy one 150 min card a year for $94,99. I purchase the 30 minute card for $17.99, so I have to purchase a new one every two months. High per minute cost but, for people like me, the monthly cost is greatly reduced compared to the contract plans. You don’t lose unused air time with a trac phone either, it carries over with you into the next month when you purchase more time. This is a Nokita phone with all the extras the contract services offer. I have been very happy with this service. Hope this helps you. Dorie

A. I had the same unused minutes problem with my cell phone. I got tired of wasting my money every month and canceled the service. I signed up with Trac Phone (available at Walmart and online). It’s a prepaid service and the minutes never expire as long as you keep the service active. I just buy a 30 minute card ($17) every 2 months to keep the service active. Much less than I paid before. They sell cards with more time at lower rates but I don’t need more time than that – John

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  1. As of this date (July 2017) Metro PCS has a pre-paid Sim card plan for 3.00 per month for 30 minutes of talk, 30 texts, or any combination of the two equal to 30…then 10 cents per minute or text….best I know of for low use folks.

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