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Removing Dog Hair

Removing Dog Hair

Q. I’ve got a dog that sheds quite a bit. I’ve tried the "Swiffer Sweepers", but they don’t pick up the hair like I’d hoped. Can someone give me a tip for picking up all this hair efficiently? I have hardwood and tile floors. – J

I am not sure how to help you pick it up but may I can help it not fall out so much put 1 teaspoon of olive oil in you dogs food per day and believe me it help the dog not shed so much  BM.

A damp sponge (or sponge mop) worked great for us when we had a dog.  Pat

We have a cat who also sheds quite a bit, I’ve found that the best way to keep up with the shedding fur is to use our vacuum on the lowest possible setting. We also have hardwood floors and this works quite well. Also, if you then use a swiffer after vacuuming I find it works well at picking up the residual fine hairs. Hope this helps. Hannah


I also have hardwood floors and a dog that sheds.  I know if can be frustrating dealing with dog hair on a daily basis.  I was give a small broom vacuum from a friend that did not use it (she had carpet) and I have found that it works better than anything for our situation.  It is very light weight and not cumbersome to drag out like a heavy conventional vacuum.  I have priced these broom vacs in stores and found them to be a reasonable $25.00 – $40.00, though mine was free.  I would recommend a cordless, rechargeable style for even more ease in quick cleaning.  Ours has a cord and it does not reach very far, therefore it takes more time to plug and unplug (I have child-proof sockets) and I am still considering buying a cordless vac. ( I am trying to be frugal and use the one I was given.) These vacuums do not replace regular rug vacuums, they don’t pick up heavier items, but have worked well and quickly with dog hair.  Stod.

The best way I know to pick up a lot more dust and dog hair when sweeping is a trick I learned from a VERY old housekeeping book.   Go outside and pick up some freshly mowed grass clippings or damp leaves (a couple of handfuls).  Sprinkle them all over your kitchen floor.  Then sweep.   The dampness from the grass will stick to more dust and dog hair than sweeping alone, and it will show you very clearly where you missed.   This also helps keep the dust from landing on the furniture to dust off later. Lorraine

I just vacuum up my dog’s hair on my tile and wood floors.  Betsy.

I heard about someone who trains his dogs from puppy hood to accept being vacuumed — stop it at the source!  This is not an option for me. I have 2 fuzzy, shedding dogs & 2 cats, and I have found that the rubber brooms that are being sold now really do work! The rubber doesn’t generate a lot of static electricity, so the hair rolls up almost like a piece of rope, and it doesn’t tend to drift the way it does when using an ordinary broom. I also use the rubber broom for getting the pet hair off of upholstery and carpets. (A very slightly damp sponge is also good for this.) The broom is washable, and has an adjustable handle. I got my broom on sale, with a coupon, at a local discount drugstore for less than $10. I put the hair on the compost pile; sometimes birds take it from there for nesting material, and the dog smell discourages other animals from getting near the compost or the garden.  Suzanna

Shedding dogs, cats and even molting pet birds litter our floors nearly year round! Grooming the 4 legged friends, outdoors with old rubber gloves helps the shedding and indoors I lightly spritz my swifter cloth ( or old rag or sock, those refills are so expensive!) with water, wait 5 minutes and then dust the floors. A bit of moisture seems to make cloth work better, and the rubberized mat sheets that come with some of the duster units work the best!  Renn

My dog also has a shedding problem and I could never seem to stay ahead of it until my vet recommended a 3M Lint Roller. I just gently roll the roller over the dogs coat and it picks up any loose hair. At first my dog was afraid but now that he is used to it he loves it. I usually use about 4 sheets at a time and by getting the loose hair before it falls off I don’t have a mess. I Hope it works for your dog. Kathy

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  1. Sprinkle a light dusting of baby powder – don’t breathe it in or allow your pets to breathe it in. Sweep. You will be astonished at the pet hair. I learned this trick to sweep up human hair when working at a hair salon.

    1. Baby powder and talcum powder of any kind are potential carcinogens. Do not use powder on anything or any one.
      On May 5, 2017, Johnson & Johnson was ordered by the court to pay $110 million to a woman with ovarian cancer who had used J&J’s talcum powders daily for many years.

      Vacuum your floors and use dampened paper towels to wipe up pet fur and hair.

  2. What a lot of good ideas. Here is another. Get that hair where it starts. Brush your dog everyday – outdoors if possible – with one of those shedding type of combs. This cuts the indoor shedding by 80%. We have had labs for 30 years and this one habit has saved our marriage. Cats love to be brushed and it will cut down on the amount of tiny fuzz around on the furniture and up your nose. After brushing just wet your hands and go over the coat lightly – cats can learn to tolerate this – use the same trick to wipe down your pants and shirt with the damp hands and you will see a roll of hair.

    Regarding swiffer sweeper, be aware that they contain chemicals that you are putting on the floor where your animals live. “The nine ingredients in Swiffer Wet Jet solution are purified water, ethyl alcohol, Polypropylene Glycol N-Butyl Ether, Alkyl Polyglucoside, Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Chlorhexidine Diacetate, Fragrance, Silicone Emulsion and Polyethyleneimine.”

  3. I brush my dogs often but have old wood floors. The dog hair sticks to it. I have tried vacuuming,sweeping ,mopping, Swiffering, even the roller doesn’t get it up. I have even done all at once. I wasn’t quite ready to have them sanded and read varnished but I guess that’s the only way to get it done

  4. We recently moved. The previous owners had a dog. We have hard wood floors throughout the house. In all the corners as well as along the walls there seems to be dog hair stuck fast to the floor. I have tried a hard bristle brush as well as a scouring pad. Does any one have any other suggestions other than refinishing the entire floor?

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