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A little devil in me?

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      I have a wonderful husband, but he does enjoy a beer or two after work on occasion. He pays with his debit card,
      at a local neighborhood bar. Since I’m the one to keep
      an eye on our banking, I do it on-line. Whenever I see
      he’s stopped in at lunch (which he’ll usually let me know
      about) or that he’s stopped in for a quick cold one, I
      go on-line and transfer an equal amount into a savings account. This way, his habit actually costs him double,
      but still puts away for us. I won’t deny him a beer, he’s
      a hard working man, but I do think restitution sometimes
      needs to be twice the crime. As long as we can afford his
      luxury, why not? Does anyone think this is crazy? I truly
      appreciate and certainly enjoy all your great postings!


        I think it’s grand idea!  Doing things like that keeps you focused on the reality of the “little treats” in life.  We have to reward ourselves for a day well done at times, but it’s always good to always reward ourselves by saving for the future.  A few beers could get out of hand, as a few sweets can … so it’s a nice reminder to our frugal minds that almost every choice we make affects our finances.  As long as he’s in agreement with the idea, you won’t be affecting your marriage either :-)


          As long as you don’t try to “up the ante”, so to speak, and he is okay with it, I think it is a great idea. If you two have an understanding like that and it is fine with both of you, then I say more power to you! :)

          Question you have “indulgences” that you put exta in the kitty for too? Like going to the hairstylist or getting a pedicure, for example. If not, then I think it would be a good idea, to make things more fair. jmo. ;)


            (grinning…) Not many actually, I’m a rather simple person. A while back, I left a very fast paced $60K/yr job for a simpler life. I bake all of our bread, grow my own herbs, sew about 40% of my daughter’s clothes and almost all of mine, I crochet gifts for my family in another state and unfortunately, time and age has taken a toll on my hair, so it’s not as thick as it once was. My feet are way too ticklish for a pedicure, although I hear they’re wonderful. And I’ve never been a drinker to speak of.

            I guess my indulgences would be in yarn, material and kitchen gadgets and equipment. But you’re right – fair is fair. I’ve made it this far, I’ll start increasing the funds transfer to include my “outside the necessary” fabric purchases as well.

            (I wish I knew how to make tortillas and brew beer! :-)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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