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Advice Needed:  Ab Chair Deluxe? Ab Lounger?

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      I have determined that an Ab Chair/Ab Lounger type product will meet the needs of my back/spine.  What I have been unable to determine is which product is the better product.  There are 3-5 different brand names for similar products.

      I have “Test Driven” the Ab Lounger and the Ab Lounger 2 in a store but those are the only ones I have found sold in stores and available for test drives.

      Rather than waste money on a disappointing product, I would like to hear opinions from people who have used any of these products.  I plan to try to purchase the item used if possible so opinions on durability would be appreciated as well.

      To me, part of being frugal is making wise purchases when a purchase is necessary.  I would love to see a forum added for the exchange of opinions on various products.


        I use to check out my purchases and I also use Google Groups.

        I go there and put in the name of the product and the word hate or dislike to find out if anyone is complaining.

        The search argument would be like this +”ab lounger” +hate this will bring up all pages with both sets of words on the same page.

        This is called boolean logic and you can read more on the internet if you look it up.

        Hope that helps.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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