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Ants in Walls

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      I have ants that have gotten into my house and in my insulation and walls..any ideas how to get rid of them?  I took down the paneling and insulation on one wall and also hired pest control to come in and take care of that wall but i have found that they are in the rest of the walls and would like to get rid of them before i redo my walls so that they are not going from wall to wall.  Thanks


        Do a search on this website.  There are 4 pages of search results on the subject of ants.  :-)


          I realize the information on ants that are posted. My problem is that they are in the wall insulation and its pretty hard to get them to take something back to the nest to kill off the others when i do not see them. I wanted to know what everyone thought that i should do to get them out of the walls.  Possibly drill holes in the walls here and there but put what in the holes certainly do not want to put liquid into the insulation would a person? Just want some ideas


            First, I think you will need to identify what type of ant you have?  Any exterminating company will usually do this for free on a walk-in basis.

            You need to know what they eat.  There's a recipe on this site in the newsletter archives for Roach Balls. If the ants are the kind that like fat … or the kind that like sweet, they should take this in the same manner as roaches.


            We have used these roach balls for many years to avoid having to have exterminators spraying toxic chemicals in our house. The recipe was shared with me from another person who had used it successfully for many years and had shared it with others who had great results. It works!

            8 oz. Boric Acid [we find ours at a drugstore]
            1/2 c. white flour
            2 T. white sugar
            1/2 small onion, minced
            1/4 c. shortening

            Cream shortening and sugar. Mix onion, boric acid, and flour. Add to sugar mixture. Blend well. Add enough water to form a soft dough.

            Form into balls and place in small cups or lids. If you use cups, place them on the floor on their side for the roaches to crawl in. Lids are convenient to push under things, so you can flatten out a ball for areas like stove, refrigerators, etc.

            You can also submit a question at this website.  Maybe they take photos also if you can get a photo of the type of ant you have?  There are a lot of natural solutions/methods on this site:

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