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any ideas on homemade toys for puppies

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      Does anyone have any suggestions on making toys from ordinary household items for my 2 puppies?  


        You didn’t say what kind of dogs you have…I’ve put a tennis ball inside a cotton sock and tied the end closed. That way the sock end can be chewed on and it bounces. If you have a tiny Yorkie, this idea isn’t the answer. On the other hand, if you have some sort of larger dog, like a lab, you might want to watch so it doesn’t eat the sock off the ball.

        If you don’t have any tennis balls laying around, just tie the sock two or three time and toss it-works just as good.

        A trip to a local dollar store has been the answer for me, as well. I have both a big dog and a Shih Tzu, and neither one has complained! {8^|)


          I tied several of my husband’s worn out socks together and made a tug-of-war toy for our dogs.  Also, I found $.88  toys at Wal-Mart :) near the check-out stand.  That’s the cheapest I’ve found dog toys any place so far.  A simple rubber ball works great, too, and some of the toys I’ve seen are nothing but  a pocket of fabric with some stuffing inside :) so you might try that, too.   Hope this helps!


            Since puppies like to chew everything, I found a solution to the chewing as well as a fun toy for fetching games.
            Take an empty pop bottle (16-20 oz plastic) and give that as a chew toy or use it to play fetch games. They make interesting noises when puppies crunch on them. Our pup just loves them. Easy!


              Our area meat processor sells whole boxes of bones for $2.50. Pretty cheap entertainment for the furry guys. I keep mine in the freezer and when the dogs are invited inside (they are outside dogs) they get a treat.The bones have bits of fat and the marrow left on them so there are hours of chewing fun to be had out of one bone. Note: I have a set spot for my dogs to chew…a rug…that can be washed if the area gets all messy or slobbery. Not recommended for areas with carpet.


                Take some strips of material, old sheets, pillow cases, anything really and plat them together… you can add as many to each strand as you like to make it as thick as you like for your size dog…

                Yuou can make toys to fil in there time by getting 2 plastic plant pots (so that sone fits a little way inside the other) and then putting treats in between them and them pushing them together… this works like those “buster” food cubes where the dogs roll them etc and the food falls out (just put things int hat are small enough to fall out throught the holes, but not so small that they fall out all the time etc, the dog needs to work for it), als you can use larger food and the dog then has to work the pots apart to get the treat out, this is great to help prevent boredom when ou are out at work, shopping etc…

                Get a tennis ball and drill a hole all the way through it then get some cotton rope and thread this through the hole and know on each side, leave some tales hanging down at least one side…

                Canberra, Australia

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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