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Are there rugs that cats dislike?

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      We have a problem with our cats throwing up their hairballs on our throw rugs.  They don’t like to do this on the hardwood floors.  We give them hairball treatment and brush them daily, but they still have vomit up haitballs occasionally.  The hairballs stain our rugs and are difficult to clean.  Are ther any rugs out there that cats dislike?


        Hello – I dont know of any rugs that cats dislike, but I know of a way to lessen hairballs – wearing rubber washing up gloves, pat your cats firmly like you normally would for a few minute or so a day.  They like it and the rubber gloves pull the loose hairs off them in clumps – I do this somewhere outside and let the hair fall off.  It really helps the hairballs b/c this is all the hair they would normally ingest and just cough up.  You should see an improvement after a week.  GL! S


          My cats used to stain the carpet when coughing up hairballs and I found out through a vet that it was because the cat food I was giving them had artificial coloring in it.  I am very careful to read the package before I buy any treats or food.  I also brush them a lot but my one cat will still vomit occasaionally – but it doesn’t stain the carpet…Hope this helps you. -Ellen

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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