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Armadillo war!

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      Hi,  I’m new here and hope to find some new ideas to try. We have been battling armadillos for 2 years now, and I fear they are winning.  I’ll briefly go into what we have tried.  Spraying the yard for the grubs they are after, that has slowed them a little in the immediate area around the house.  We can’t afford to treat the entire property.  We have set live traps using over ripe banana and caught 3 last year, but none this year.  The three I caught last year were caught at the entrance to their den (or whatever they call the tunnel they dig to live in).   We have searched for the dens this year and haven’t had one bit of luck when we have set the traps there.  If anyone has had any success with other methods or bait, I would really appreciate any info you care to share.  I am about at my wits end.  Thanks in advance.   :)


        We have had armadillos and didn’t find them to be a problem.  They eat grubs which turn into insects that destroy our plants, so we’ve considered them a free, non-toxic pesticide control team.  We’ve had problems with Japanese Beetles and they come from grubs so anything that eats grubs would be welcome …. although you are most likely experiencing some other type of destruction to be so concerned.

        HSUS has a wildlife division that has some great ideas on nuisance wildlife, as does ASPCA.  Have you checked out those sites?  Here’s the link to the one I use most:

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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